How-To Hacks You’ll Wish You Learned Sooner


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From every new season to every new year, changes keep you growing. You soon become the teacher and learning new things becomes a hobby, passion, or vital. It can seem uncomfortable at times to turn old habits into newly mastered techniques or tips that make life easier. Here are some how-to hacks that you’ll wish you learned sooner.

1. Collecting, Antiquing, and Thrifting

It’s that time where reused and renewed energy can be applied to more than just the cars we drive or the power source we choose to use. We can also take a look around at all the things we have purchased or inherited over the years. You would be surprised at the value of rubbage you’ve been hoarding. Maybe you have first-edition book titles that need dusting. If you learn how to clean gold the right way, you could have jewelry that will sell much more than you originally paid for.

If you’re a minimalist, and you haven’t really acquired anything, then take a twenty-dollar bill and hit some local thrift stores, garage sales, and antique shops. See what you can find that will potentially triple your money. Doing a little treasure hunting brings us back to our childhood, and you can actually flip a lot of what you find online for much more than you invested. Now is the perfect time to take this life hack as far as you prefer. You can make it a pass-time, or open an eCommerce shop. The choice is up to you!

2. Health is the New Wealth

Another simple tool for making every day a little easier is creating changes in your lifestyle for the better. Learn about the common cold and how to prevent it so it won’t slow you down. Create quick routines like chugging a glass of lemon water the moment you wake up or try sipping on ginger teas and elderberry juice. Use garlic or turmeric to strengthen your immune system. It’s the best time to learn more about the nutrients that are surrounding you in your local farmer’s market.

It’s totally fine to treat yourself now and again, but you don’t want to hold onto the things that are detrimental to your health. Having the energy and stamina to be alive and block illnesses from slowing you down will allow you to experience life at its fullest potential. You can take the trips you’ve always wanted, visit relatives near and far, and explore the world through various physical activities, all because you’ve switched up your focus from sugars to protein.

Now that you’re paying attention to what you put in your body for the greater good of your lifespan, one hack you’ll wish you knew is how much protein is right for you. Different bodies that endure different activities require different amounts of protein. You can consult with a physicist, nutritionist, or research from different sources to create a meal plan or set dietary goals to maintain the kind of body you desire for the dreams you wish to achieve. With health being your ticket to an easier journey ahead, take some time to familiarize yourself with what is going to work best for you and keep you happy, since something like eating should never be stressful either.

3. Happiness is Key

Being happy is an obvious life hack that tends to get ignored more often than not. Your body has a natural compass that guides it towards what is right and wrong for you. That feeling of joy is a life-hack in itself, and it’s okay to use it, so if happiness is something you’re not experiencing, then your body is communicating with you that something around or inside of you is not right. Seeking a therapist or someone to talk to can seem like a huge leap, but dealing with depression is far more challenging to face alone. A lot of online therapists or applications don’t even require you to talk face to face if you’re uneasy, and most of them offer free trials before you make a decision to subscribe. Health being a new wealth doesn’t only depend on nutritional intake, it also relies on the peace of your mind.

Keep a meditation journal and record your daily emotions. Having emotional awareness will inspire you to make the changes necessary to remain in a consistent state of bliss. Depending on what you’re feeling in connection to what you’re doing could play a huge part in knowing why you are experiencing what you are going through.

4. Love Yourself More

You’re now cleansing your environment and finding value inside your home and around it. You’re paying closer attention to what you put inside your body and how it’s making you feel. Another how-to hack is learning how to get more deep sleep. Eating a balanced diet is important. Exercising in a healthy way and paying attention to the connection between your daily activities vs. your reactions to life’s challenges are all useful tools, but are you getting a good night’s rest? Start paying attention to what’s holding you back from accomplishing this important cycle that can either make or break your day.

When the night is coming to an end, avoid caffeine and alcohol. They can have effects on your sleeping patterns that will carry into the next day, and you won’t even realize it. Throughout the day, make sure that you have been staying hydrated so you don’t wake up in the middle of the night feeling like you’re dying of thirst. Keep your electronics at bay before closing your eyes. You want to reduce the amount of blue light so your brain activity is wired to slow down. Try getting into the habit of reading a book before bed so your eyes are exercising and more willing to stay closed throughout the night.

Spend more time outdoors. Getting in tune with nature through walks, meditation, or camping can spark the “me time” or “family time” in a positive way. Learning campfire basics not only strengthens your connection with the planet, but basic survival skills are important to pass on.

5. Take Pride

Our final how-to hack you’ll wish you knew sooner is supporting hand-crafted, local goods. You can boost the economy within your community by purchasing items and products created with quality and care. The things that you buy and consume reflect you, so take pride in the small businesses surrounding you. From supporting your local farmer’s market to decorating your home with no tangle American flags, you can let the things around you speak on your behalf that you’re doing your part in keeping your community flowing and growing. Today is all about the conscious effort and intention behind your actions. Why not get to know what is entering your home a little better?

Let the products and services you enjoy reflect the mission statements you agree with. Take a stance in what you believe in by allowing your investments to reflect the tomorrow you wish to bring. Take pride in your comfort by getting the mattress with extra padding or buying the shoes that help with back pain. You and your comfort are worth it.

New Hacks, New You

Maybe you’ll wish you had learned any of these how-to tricks sooner, but one thing is for sure, that it’s never too late. No matter how long it has taken for you to come this far, you can now continue better and stronger than ever. Learning simple tasks like polishing your jewelry, gold, and silver to earn an extra dollar or finding value in the life you have built around are all ways to benefit the journey ahead. Give in to the changes that are there to help make every day just a little better than before.

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