Why Fad Diets Are So Out of Style


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If you survived the many diet fads of 2020, you know that the keto diet reigned supreme as the diet of choice for many people. Because the keto diet consists of foods high in fat and low on carbs, it causes your body to enter into ketosis, a state where fat burns away and converts to energy.

While this idea sounds good on paper, there’s a reason the keto diet was created for people suffering from medical conditions, specifically epilepsy. That’s right; the keto diet was designed as a medical intervention diet to help reduce epilepsy — and mostly in children.

As you can imagine, the keto diet isn’t safe for everyone, even though that’s precisely the type of message fad diets try to convey. The truth is, only a tiny portion of the population should be on the keto diet (and many other fad diets).

As we uncover additional details explaining why fad diets are so out of style, you’ll learn the correct (read: healthy) way to lose weight. Hint: it’s not with a fad diet.

Research Out, Trends In

Where fad diets lose their authority right of the gate is how they are introduced into society. If you look back at the last 40 or so years, you’ll notice that there have been a seemingly endless number of fad diets.

And upon closer inspection, it’s easy to find similarities between past trends and the popular diets of their respective eras. And therein lies the problem. Specific diets pop up from time to time to capitalize on current trends. That’s what makes them so popular for a brief period.

Companies are well aware of this, which is why they jump onto the latest fads and promote them to the moon in the hopes that consumers will go gaga over them and pour their hard-earned money into these companies.

Of course, these same companies don’t focus on or even discuss the potential health risks of trying these fad diets. Instead, they sell the idea that you’re getting a quick fix that will solve all of life’s problems — namely, your weight.

Just like the keto diet discussed above, most fad diets have a legitimate purpose. But they’re not meant for the whole of society. That’s why you see them go just as quickly as they came. Then, after everyone’s spent their money on them, they discover that the fad diet is unsafe or ineffective.

How to Spot a Fad Diet

Granted, there are many excellent diets and healthy methods for losing weight. Investing in diet shakes, for example, is a safe and effective way to shed unwanted pounds and help you get in shape. But for every wholesome weight loss plan, there are several terrible fad diets.

Here, you will learn how to spot a fad diet so you can steer clear and opt for a healthier alternative.

It’s a Quick Fix

If a diet comes along and promises to help you lose weight in time for your trip to the beach, for example, chances are it’s a fad diet. Quick fixes promise the world but seldom deliver the goods. As such, you should run away and look for something more reasonable.

You See It Everywhere

If a new diet pops up in TV commercials, on your social media, in magazines, and elsewhere — seemingly overnight — it’s likely a fad. That’s because companies are trying their best to ride the fad wave as quickly as possible to capitalize on it before everyone figures out it’s a waste of time.

You Must Follow Strict Rules

Diets that state you have to follow very rigid guidelines to lose weight are nothing more than fads. You can do yourself a favor by avoiding such claims and diets and sticking to those that allow for some breathing room.

Weight loss is indeed a wonderful thing when done right. But your diet should also focus on improving your overall health and well-being.

Wrap Up

Now that you know what to look for in fad diets, you stand a better chance of not getting caught up in the next craze that will surely come along, promising to help you lose weight overnight or in a matter of days.

The best weight loss plans are those that you stick to better yourself. Sure, you won’t lose 10 pounds by tomorrow evening, but you’ll significantly improve your health and prolong your life. And that’s always better than losing a few pounds.

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