CONTROL drops the beat on Los Angeles the electro

Avi Yashaya

DJ Mr. White performs for the crowd. Photo Credit: Avi Yashaya / Contributing Reporter
DJ Mr. White performs for the crowd. Photo Credit: Avi Yashaya / Contributing Reporter

The electronic music scene is reaching critical mass. Now at its apex of mainstream saturation it seems not a day goes by where top 40 divas and superstars cross genres and reinvent themselves “electronic” almost the same way Dylan went “electric”. Britney Spears sounds like she’s being produced by Tiesto and your 14-year-old sibling probably goes to raves. To say that electro is being embraced with open arms is an understatement. Although computers and synthesizers may simply be the natural evolution of music, it is a bit discomforting to see the blatant commercialization of its sound. But there is hope. As with all genres the further down the rabbit hole you go the more you see purity and innovation, and above all talent.

It is also important to realize that musically we are not self-contained, outside of our fair city lies a wealth of movements and potential that for the most part has been untapped. There is a promotion company, more like community, that does recognize this and is passionately reaching into the international fishbowl to bring Los Angeles some truly unique musical opportunities. Lucky for us, the people at Control are kind enough to share their vision of dropping bangers and sonic bombs on us native Southern Californians. Friday nights need never be uncertain for fans of electronica and clubbing alike, even though their events do play out more like a concert experience. Simply find your way to Hollywood and Vine and get yourself into the cushy, palatial venue, the Avalon, and feel your musical anxieties disappear under the weight of DJ’s and artists spinning some of the rawest and most cutting edge tunes around.

Promoter DJ Mr. White doesn’t seem too phased by the watered down nature of today’s electronic soundscape, in fact he seems unwaveringly confident that he’s got his finger on the pulse of what’s fresh. It shows. Past lineups have included disco-house revivalist Hercules and Love Affair, UK synth-rockers Does It Offend You? Yeah, and French auteur Mr. Oizo just to name a few. Don’t feel too bad if you are not familiar with any one of the names I just mentioned, if anything that’s part of the total experience, to culture yourself with all the fresh talent on display.
Call it a little risky on behalf of Control to not be aiming for the stars and booking the heavy hitters, your Armin Van Buurens, your Paul Van Dykes and so on, but that’s the point. Control is more interested in bringing “a fresh look at electronic music. A lot of electronic music promoters play it safe and things can get stale. We pride ourselves in being risky and pushing new talent. Control is more about second DJ spot than the headliners, giving them a venue to shine and looking for the next big thing.”

This attitude of maturity primarily stems from the fact that these guys are fans of the music themselves. “Yeah, it is our genre, we believe in it and are personal fans of the music. With L.A. becoming the new home of dance music we’re striving to stay ahead of the curve and as a DJ I don’t have to look any further than my setlist to prove it.” Actually he is right, proof is in the playlist, with Control solidifying their stance on an almost weekly basis as the most in touch purveyors of musically conscious parties, people are taking note.

The level of talent being reached out to and vice versa is out of control, no pun intended. On Oct. 30, Grammy nominated British electro-pop band Hot Chip will be on display and on Nov. 20, Dubstep lord Rusko will bring his massive beats upon us. Exciting times ahead for sure, whether Drum n’ Bass, Dubstep, or House music is your thing or you just like to dance it’s nice to know Control is there to bring us a noisy good time on the dance floor.