6 Ways To Support Wellness in 2022


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If wellness is a goal for you in 2022, you’ve come to the right place. We should all prioritize our health and wellness this year, especially after the rough period of life we’ve recently experienced. So let’s look at six ways you can support your wellness this year to make 2022 a time of health and positivity. 

Make Sure All Areas of Your Life Are Getting Enough Attention and Improvement 

Life is about balance, meaning you should ensure no critical area of your life is ignored. When one core area is neglected, you can feel it in every part of your life. Creating your wheel of wellness ensures you focus on the key elements of wellness. For example, your emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness are areas you should invest in. 

Different parts of life get your attention for three reasons: because you feel it’s falling behind and affecting your health; because you know to prioritize it every day to prevent the former; or because you want to improve in that area. Try to understand your reasons for focusing on each aspect of your life, so you know how to approach them best.  

For example, you might schedule time with family and friends to stay balanced and centered, move your body every day to maintain a healthy body and mind, and read books and watch documentaries to improve your knowledge. But, of course, sometimes we also do things because they’re fun! The goal is to find enjoyment in doing things that make you happy and support your wellness—then it’s a win-win scenario that you’ll be more motivated to turn into a daily habit. 

Spend Time with Others 

Humans were not made to be solitary creatures, but it can feel incredibly natural to isolate yourself by simply not scheduling time with others; this is especially true after living through a pandemic that made a lack of social interactions into the new norm. However, spending time with others is an incredibly important way to support your wellness. Family members and friends provide an outlet to talk through your worries and struggles and a few moments to relax and enjoy the much-needed company of someone you love and trust. 

Move Your Body Every Day 

Exercise benefits both your body and mind, so you should prioritize getting movement daily. Studies show that those who exercise experience better moods and less stress. One of the best things you can do is an exercise for a healthy body and positive mindset. Even taking a walk around the block or playing with your pets will give you an overall boost in energy and contentment. 

Learn Something New 

Albert Einstein famously said, “Once you stop learning, you start dying.” He was wise to the fact that life is all about growth; you’ll always have more to learn and experience, so you might as well adopt the mindset of trying to gather more knowledge. Otherwise, if you stop pursuing deeper understanding, you’re giving up on trying to live any deeper. Get excited about a new topic or skill to avoid living a sedentary life. Then, invest time consistently into honing that ability. If you’re lucky, life is long enough to pick up lots of different skills, which turn you into a well-rounded and open-minded individual. 

Be Intentional with Your Spending 

Part of being an adult is following healthy spending practices, although it isn’t the most fun or exciting element of self-care. While it’s true that it’s your right to spend your hard-earned money on fun purchases, remind yourself that you’ve also worked hard to ensure you can live without worrying about being able to stay afloat. Budget your spending and set aside the correct amounts to pay your bills; then, with the leftover balance, feel free to treat yourself, but in moderation.  

Invest Yourself Fully Into Everything You Do 

Whether working, exercising, cooking, connecting with friends, scheduling your week, or working on a new skill, devote yourself 100 percent to your task. When you give your full attention and commitment to your actions, you live in the moment and gain the most you can from any experience. This will also help keep you focused on one thing at a time, rather than looking back over your day later and not being able to distinguish between actions because your mind was all over the place. If you always give your all to the things you do, you’ll glean more out of life. Plus, you’ll earn a reputation as someone committed and intentional.  


Focus on yourself this year by prioritizing your wellness with these healthy practices. Once taking care of yourself becomes a habit, you’ll continually grow, heal, and enjoy life. Good for you for choosing to take good care of yourself this year!  

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