What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?


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Perhaps you are looking for answers regarding all your questions about breast reduction surgery. Maybe you are experiencing pain due to huge breasts. Another possible reason to look into breast reduction surgery is that you simply do not like how your breasts look and would like them to be smaller. Whatever your reason is, there are answers to all of your questions about breast reduction surgery. Keep reason to learn all the basics you need to know before starting.  

Breast Reduction Surgery Basics 

Breast reduction surgery is also known as reduction mammaplasty. It is a surgery performed to help remove the excess breast fat, possible glandular tissue, and even skin. This removal of all the excess material is often done to correct breast size to be more proportionate with the body size and shape. Additionally, it is usually performed to alleviate the pain that generally comes with large breasts.   

There are many different things to consider when looking into breast reduction surgeries: 

  • You’re going to want to find a reliable and trustworthy doctor that listens to what you need while executing a surgery that looks good and has the final results you were looking for.  
  • Consider the variety of surgical techniques. 
  • Look into the many possible benefits of breast reduction surgery. 

Having a good foundation before making your decision is critical. When it comes to your well-being, you want to make an informed choice with all medical matters.  

What Does it Help? 

Generally speaking, it’s easy to state that breast reduction surgery helps alleviate the pain with larger breasts. But, there are even more potential benefits to breast reduction surgery than what might be commonly known. So, let’s look into the many possible benefits of breast reduction surgery: 

  • Back and neck pain: the weight of large breasts takes quite the toll on your back and neck. The constant stress of carrying this weight can bring about unbearable back and neck pain. 
  • Shoulder grooves: when a bra carries the weight of larger breasts, the actual bra material can dig into the shoulders and back. This leaves deep imprints from where the bra was that can be incredibly sore and uncomfortable.  
  • Skin irritation: skin irritation comes from the excess skin folds rubbing against one another. The irritation can be painful or itchy. 

Now that you know the variety of possible benefits of breast reduction surgery, maybe you want even more questions answered. Let’s keep going. 

Various Techniques 

Surgically speaking, there are a variety of incision patterns that can be used for performing breast reduction surgery. Two incision patterns are the most commonly used: 

  • The anchor incision 
  • The lollipop incision 

Each of these incisions leaves a different pattern. Whatever the pattern depends on what surgeon performs the breast reduction. The incision pattern chosen affects how the nipple pedicle is designed. The nipple pedicle can either be: 

  • Superior 
  • Inferior 
  • Medial  
  • Lateral  
  • Central 

Every surgeon chooses a different pedicle technique, so it’s important to ask that question when deciding which surgeon you want to perform your surgery with. 

Choosing the Right Surgeon 

As referenced before, choosing the right surgeon matters for many different reasons. Whatever the surgery is, surgeons have reputations that follow them. Therefore, it is important to do your homework in order to know what the reviews say about the surgeons you are considering.  

Another reason you need to make sure you are choosing the right surgeon is that you need to know who they are and what methods they use. Therefore, you’re going to want to have a consultation about your breast reduction surgery before ever booking a visit to an operating room. In this consultation, you become comfortable with your surgeon, understand their techniques, and learn the best possible outcome for your breast reduction surgery. 

Understanding the cost of your surgeon’s work is also essential. It’s good to know what type of insurance they take and if they take insurance. The surgery can be authorized with most insurances, it just needs approval from a surgeon. 

Not every surgeon is the same. Knowing who is operating on you can be half the battle in making your decision.  

Calming Your Nerves and Answering Your Questions 

If you are considering breast reduction surgery, hopefully, your nerves have calmed, and your primary questions have been answered. It is not uncommon to be nervous about making such a big decision. However, if you can go into the consultation and experience well-informed, you are more likely to choose the best choice. Breast reduction surgery might be the next step for you to support you in alleviating pain and giving you the comfort you deserve.  

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