Pros and Cons to AT&T Phone Plans


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The cell-phone-service market is a massive one. Between the variety of providers and the volume of consumers, the cell-phone-service industry continues to boom every year. There are still a few significant players in the phone service market. Cricket mobile and Xfinity mobile are just two examples. Verizon, AT+T, and T-Mobile dominate the phone-service landscape.   

There are endless reasons that consumers choose to switch service providers. Whether they’re looking for a better price, more concrete coverage in their region, or additional features that a provider doesn’t offer, they all share something in common: they’re looking for a new phone plan. So if AT+T is on your radar, this quick pros and cons list of ATT+T phone plans could prove very beneficial.  

Pro: Good With Data Users 

For heavy data users, AT&T unlimited plans are an excellent option. There are two tiers of unlimited plans, and each offers the user a variety of features, assets, and perks. The first tier is the AT+T Unlimited Extra plan, which is cheaper than its counterpart. 

The AT+T Unlimited Extra plan offers users 50GB of premium data, unlimited talk, text, and data, and a 15GB LTE hotspot. Beyond the raw data available to users under this plan are the additional perks and features that AT+T offers. These include  Disney+ for six months, Apple Music for six months, and 600GB of cloud storage.  

All-in-all, this is an excellent plan for users who expect heavy data usage. The second tier is titled the AT+T Unlimited Elite plan and is a plan that’s more tailored to users looking for a gamer and streamer-level experience. This tier is slightly more expensive but offers a fantastic data package including unlimited 5G, unlimited premium talk, text, data, and a 40GB LTE hotspot. Of course, the Elite tier also comes with its fair share of perks and additional features: Stadia Pro gaming for six months, HBO Max, and 4K UHD Streaming. 

Con: Slightly Fewer Add-Ons 

Although the AT+T Unlimited plans come with a great range of additional perks, features, and add-ons, they don’t lead this category. Although it depends a little bit on personal preference and individual interests/hobbies, the Verizon plan wins the race to offer users additional content. This plan grants access to the whole Disney+ bundle, including Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN, while also giving users access to Apple Music, Arcade, a Google Play Pass, and a single travel pass day/month. Wrapping all those add-ons neatly into a single phone plan crowns Verizon the winner for additional features and extra entertainment delivered to their users’ fingertips. 

Pro: Great National Coverage 

AT+T Unlimited plans offer national coverage. While there are plenty of bells and whistles that smartphones can, the primary purpose remains; texting, calling, and communicating. Mobilizing communication is the fundamental design of a cell phone. That ability to use that cell phone and connect with people over communication channels is still the top priority.  

Most consumers prefer a phone plan that offers better coverage over any other selling feature. Simply because talking and connecting with the people we can’t see face-to-face is still the primary function of a cell phone. Boasting a 68% national coverage rate, AT+T is one of the most reliable service providers on the market. Although they are competitive in some rural regions, these are often tricky regions for service providers to reach. However, AT+T offers excellent service in metropolitan areas. 

Con: Basic Tiers Slightly More Expensive 

When it comes to shopping for anything really, the price will always come into play at some point or another. For the hyper budget-conscious, or the consumer looking to get the most bang for their buck, the AT+T Unlimited plans might not be their preference. Like T-Mobile’s most basic tier, other plans outpace AT+T’s most basic plan in pricing. Therefore, if that’s the true heart of a consumer’s motivation, saving money and spending less, then AT+T Unlimited plans are an excellent second option after exploring what T-Mobile offers. 

Wrapping Up 

Consumers are shopping for new phone plans every day for many reasons. This makes it essential that service providers remain competitive within and amongst themselves and the overall industry by offering better service and a variety of perks associated with plans.  

If you’re considering AT+T as your next service provider. 

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