Why Are We Still Gendering Underwear?


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You never really realize how prevalent gender is in our society until you transition.   

Clothes are supposed to be an avenue for self-expression, but laying my cards on the table. It’s hard to feel like I’m expressing anything when I have to buy a shirt with a big M on the tag. And this is especially true for underwear. In truth, the fashion world at its worst can seem like a machine designed to create dysphoria. If you are a person whose body strays even slightly from the norm, chances are you do not enjoy shopping for clothes. This is a shame because I have so many friends who have such incredible styles. And even though they love clothes and they love the art of fashion. It can feel to them like the art of fashion is telling them to kick rocks. That’s why when one encounters a company that is interested in including the rest of us. You kind of just can’t help but talk about them! That’s why I want to introduce you to this magnetic brand that can’t help but attract the attention of queer and gender non-conforming people. This is not only because of the versatility of their products, but also their sensitivity to one of the most difficult parts of any person’s transition.  

Why Underwear? 

Now, not to call anyone out, but I receive this question a lot from our cis-readers as well as some people I know. And that question is. Of all the types of clothes that could be inclusive, why are you so excited about underwear? And there is some good discussion to be had there. I would personally kill for a top that could make my broad shoulders feel like an asset, instead of a hindrance. And I know I’m not alone in that feeling. But to be honest with you. When you think about it. After your shower, what’s the first piece of clothing you put on in the morning? Your underwear right? Now for some people, this is an automatic task, you barely think about it. But imagine that you live in a world and society that spends nearly every second of the day telling you that you are wrong for feeling the way you do, and trying to dress the way you see yourself. Now imagine that that mental assault would start first thing in the morning every day for millions of trans people? It doesn’t seem fun, does it? Let me tell you, buddy, it isn’t. And that doesn’t even begin to cover the fact that.  

Affirming Underwear That Fits 

Say I finally found a pair of underwear that I do like. Something that I feel will support me and doesn’t give me a profound sense of dread when I look at it. Though I am excited, I’m more than a little nervous. This is because I’m encountering probably the most significant hurdle of this whole ordeal. Are these gonna fit? The unfortunate fact about fashion is that it is centuries old, and for centuries it has ignored the needs of queer people, while simultaneously reifying every gender norm that has ever been conceived. In fact, according to a lot of queer theorists, state that the main way that people present their gender is through their clothing. So when you’re trying to fit into something that just wasn’t designed with you in mind. It can hurt your feelings. When you are constantly confronted with the wall of society, the last place you want to feel that judgment is when you’re in a vulnerable position. And there are few places where you are more vulnerable than when you’re trying on clothing.   

Now, you have my apologies if this article has been a little doom and gloom. But I think it’s important to help some of our cis or more hetero-normative readers to understand what I and my trans brothers and sisters go through daily. When you are queer and worst of all. you’re the wrong type of queer. You are constantly being beset on all sides with negativity. Whether it’s the media telling you you’ll never be beautiful. Whether it’s someone at work claiming you’ll never be successful, or it’s your own family. Telling you they miss the old you. The path that one follows in their transition is not easy. That’s also why when a company is actively trying to combat that negativity, and help people in their transitions. I think it’s the most important thing in the world to applaud their efforts! So thank you Tomboyx, you’ve found yourself a lifelong customer! 

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