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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

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Tired of insurance gimmicks and goofy characters?

Insurance has a variety of funny, funky, fabulous spokepeople. And spokespets. The Geico Gecko. The Emu from Liberty mutual. Flo the wacky Progressive lady. And the list goes on. So who can you trust? Who has the best insurance price and service? The answer is none of them are the best! Since we quote car insurance for a living, yes it is a boring job we agree, but no single company can always be the cheapest or the best. There are dozens of rating factors for auto insurance including your home zip code, your age, years licensed, type of car, how that car holds up in crash tests, tickets and accidents, even how many miles you drive impacts your price. Plus there are discounts like good student, good driver, multi policy, multi car, professional discounts and more.



Even when a company pulls in a good auto insurance rate for you they may have horrible customer service that leaves you pulling out your hair, and the hair of those around you! Could be slow response times, long hold times or them not explaining things properly or making suggestions on how to improve your protection. Point is. To many, service is just as important as price. Hopefully one day Amazon will sell car insurance since they are great at everything, but Bezos has his hands full at the moment conquering outer space. Hopefully when he is done up there he’ll open an insurance company down here on earth. Until then, we are happy to take on that insurance role for him by offering auto insurance from multiple carriers, which includes great prices and our great service! Can you say win win? Well, we know you can say that, it’s just a figure of speech. Ok, we get it. You can stop saying win win now, really.



So what’s a nice and awesome and good looking driver like you to do for car insurance? Well. It’s your lucky day. Cause we are your solution. Doctor Insurance Agency! We’re an independent insurance agent right here in Northridge, just a 3 minute drive (or 8 minute scooter ride) away. Doctor is the last name of our small family owned and ran office. Once founders Len and Marcie Doctor tapered off to enjoy their senior years sitting on the couch, I mean traveling the globe, so me, their loyal and brilliant son Scott Doctor came along (begrudgingly) to pick up where they left off. And now I’m stuck. I mean, um, I am lucky enough to run the office and push things to the next level of superiorness.



While we don’t have a funny talking animal or a quirky wacky spokesperson, we have a no nonsense approach to insurance and strive to treat everyone like family and friends, except our landlord who charges way too much rent for our small, feeble space. We always offer free quotes and also a free policy review of what you have now. Even if you don’t switch over to us. Want to hear the best part? We believe a 15 minute quote is about 10 minutes too long. Your time is valuable, and we won’t waste it!


Since everyone needs insurance, and wants to save on insurance, and have a more responsive agent, it seems fate has brought us together. We can write auto, home, renters, motorcycle, earthquake, even business insurance. We also represent multiple companies although Mercury Insurance tends to have some of our lowest prices. Plus we’re fantastic. And versatile. We can work by phone, email and text but if you like that personal touch, we’re right up the street from CSUN. Did we mention free jelly beans?



Phone 818.368.3764 / Text 818.351.9247 / Email / Online



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Doctor & Doctor Insurance Agency

Fast, Free Auto Quotes for CSUN Students

Phone 818.368.3764

Text 818.351.9247



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