Four Ways an AI Content Generator Can Improve Your Content  


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Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming an essential part of most types of marketing software. AI can comb through social media platforms and websites in order to compile data and catch mistakes that human employees might have missed. It can recognize images, translate posts, and monitor content for anything unsavory. An AI content generator is one such marketing tool. Its goal is to mimic the style of previously written articles while adapting the language to be SEO and robot-friendly. While AI language generators have been on the market for around thirty years, their ability to create content and write copy has improved significantly over the past few decades.  

How Do AI Content Generators Work? 

An AI content generator works by reading patterns in content that already exists. If you provide an AI content generator with examples of your company’s best copywriting work, it will be able to create similar content under a set of specific parameters. As AI continues to learn and grow thanks to the work of developers, it requires less specific parameters to create more coherent, believable content.  

Harmony Between Humans and AI 

AI language generators are so successful because they are able to a brand’s writing style while also optimizing articles for robot brains to read. While human copywriters can also copy a brand’s writing style, it’s often time-consuming to write unnecessary content in order to place a few keywords. While AI might be better equipped to analyze data and keyword statistics, human copywriters will always excel in creating content that resonates with an audience. If you do choose to use AI language generators, it’s important to have a few human copywriters on hand to edit and personalize content.  

1. SEO-Optimized Content Creation 

Artificial intelligence may not be able to create unique and innovative content, but it can copy patterns enough to generate content that appeals to a specific audience. If your copywriters and marketing team sometimes struggle to create content that utilizes an adequate amount of SEO-optimized keywords, an AI content generator can help. AI can indirectly communicate with Google’s AI and web crawlers in order to provide keywords and content that robots recognize as useful.  

When copywriters approach an article topic, they may have only one or two keywords to work with. Artificial intelligence, though, can optimize LSI or secondary keywords that are related to an article’s main keywords. Thus if a potential client searches for any words related to your product or service, Google and your AI content generator will work together to provide your article or website in response.  

2. High-Quality Bulk Content 

While copywriters can (and do) write articles in order to hide a few keywords, it can be time-consuming. If you believe your copywriters would be better suited to other projects, then an AI content writer could be worth your investment. If you’re looking to produce similar blog articles or social media content consistently, artificial intelligence can provide this service for you. It can generate a full article in around twenty to thirty minutes while your employees might take hours—precious time spent on other, more human-driven projects.  

As mentioned earlier, it is important to make sure you have real human copywriters or editors proofread your AI’s content. While an AI is unlikely to make spelling errors, it might be more likely to mix up regional expressions or unusual phrases. Alternatively, once fed enough accurate content, AI content generators can be helpful in generating slang and phrases to reach a specific target audience. 

3. Translation Services 

Translation services can be expensive, and if you want your content to reach a truly global audience, hiring multiple translators for different languages can be a lot to handle. AI can not only translate your articles into other languages; it can also capitalize on foreign language keywords and business-specific jargon in other languages. Even if you hire a translator, they may not be aware of business keywords or the nature of your company’s industry in another country. Artificial intelligence eliminates that need and bridges cultures in an effective way. 

4. Avoid Costly Errors 

Even high-paid, top-tier copywriters make spelling errors and grammar mistakes on occasion. AI content generators, however, typically produce content that follows templates. These templates allow for enough variation to make AI-generated content unique while refusing content that deviates from the templates in the form of spelling or content errors. As long as you double-check the templates you use to make sure they don’t have any initial errors, an AI will be able to create perfect content. 


While developers are still improving artificial intelligence every day, it has progressed significantly in its ability to write articles and generate content for businesses. An AI content generator can help your company save both time and money that you might have used to hire and train content writers to create repetitive, bulk content. It’s certainly worth a try.  

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