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Business students’ future


As I wrote a few weeks ago, one focus of our blog will be the future of Business students.
I found this video that summarizes some fears Pennsylvania business students have about their future on Wall Street.

But the faltering economy is not only an American problem. One proof that the US financial crisis impacts people all over the world is this podcast about German business students who are equally worried about their future.



  1. Shant Kazandjian Oct 13, 2008

    Today, DOW went up more than 900 points. Must have been the result of the $700 billion bailout being passed. Although the market hasn’t been as low as it has since the 40s, it seems like things are going to get better soon. At least for the market.

  2. DeJuan Oct 13, 2008

    I like. Short, simple, and straight to the point. I like the layout – as plain and “boring” as it is, it works because it gives your page a very serious tone. Great job.

    My only suggestion is that you limit the number of videos on the page. Being someone who uses a cell phone to access the internet, the videos don’t play on most cell phone interfaces thus giving cell phone users a “left out” feeling.

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