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Does Michael Vick deserve it? Pro vs. con


20021225 Vick MichaelDoes Michael Vick deserve it?

Yes, he deserves a second chance

You would have to have been on Mars to not know of Michael Vick’s dogfighting involvement and criminal case. Consequently and rightfully, the NFL suspended him indefinitely. Vick’s NFL salary and product endorsement deals were stripped, and in July of this year he filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Until last Thursday’s exhibition game for the Philadelphia Eagles, Vick had not played in an NFL game for almost three years. The NFL conditionally reinstated Vick this summer after he spent the past 28 months under intense public scrutiny, 18 of those months in prison.
He absolutely brought this on himself. It was his compound where the dogfights were held. Vick admitted his guilt, confessed to his crimes and did the time.  I certainly don’t condone dogfighting and the brutality Vick was wrapped up in. Dogs make me incredibly happy and the thought of dogfighting is extremely upsetting. It was a terrible thing he was involved in, but he paid the price and deserves to have a second chance.

The chance to redeem and reinvent oneself as a decent human being is a chance to set an example and exemplify change…positive change.  It gives strength to those who have served time.  It gives them hope and confidence. This is an opportune time for Michael Vick to inspire the instutionalized to be solid contributors to society after they are invited back to the free world.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell thought long and hard about Vick’s reinstatement and the right choice was made. He made the NFL look like an organization that can embrace a situation like Vick’s and help him turn his criminal past into a comeback story. He’s under a one-strike policy, doesn’t have any room for error and won’t be offered any leeway if he messes up his chance at salvation.

Before his conditional NFL reinstatement, Vick began his positive image shaping. He spoke to at-risk, inner-city kids about the dangers of animal cruelty in Chicago.  He also spoke in a Humane Society of the United States video that speaks out against dogfighting. The Humane Society is trying to get him back on track.  The NFL is following suit.

Vick made appearances on national TV, including a “60 Minutes” interview where he only blamed himself, expressing regret and remorse for his previous actions.  At least he is pointing the finger at himself and nobody else.
I think it’s important to give someone a second chance.  It’s healthy and encouraging to make examples out of those who have previously made mistakes and to give them a chance to redeem and reinvent themselves as a role model for recovery and resilience.  It’s an inspiration to see someone get a second chance and succeed.  Thus far it’s reasonable to think that Michael Vick will do the same.  If not, all the haters out there can say “I told you so.”

Does Michael Vick deserve it?

No, he’s only sorry he was caught

Joe Glatzer / Senior Staff Reporter

Michael Vick doesn’t belong back in the NFL. The people running the NFL don’t care about animals, second chances, or doing the right thing. They care about one thing and one thing only: the almighty dollar. Michael Vick did some wonderful public relations to smooth over the scandal, but does anyone really believe its purpose was anything besides damage control?

During his “60 Minutes” interview, Vick seemed remorseful about having gotten caught, rather than remorse for what he actually did. The whole interview was a phony routine, set up to publicly embarrass Vick enough to make it socially acceptable to let him back in the league. The interviewer played concerned father scolding his wayward son: “Horrible things, Michael!” I was almost expecting him to follow up with, “Now go to your room!” The whole thing was a pathetic publicity stunt.

If Jesus can give him another chance, Vick said, than we can too. “I’m upset with myself, and, you know, through this situation I found Jesus and asked him for forgiveness and turned my life over to God.” A prison must be the most religious place on earth, because people seem to magically find Jesus when they’re convicted.

Try telling the police officer who just pulled you over for speeding that when you saw those flashing lights, you miraculously found Jesus, and see how far that gets you. Aren’t you sick of celebrities getting off the hook, when if you did the same thing there would be no mercy and the book would be thrown at you?

This is a story about status, celebrity privilege and money. We live in a country of double standards for the rich and well-connected. Who else other than a celebrity would be given a “second chance” after a felony conviction? What other convicted felons would be allowed to work with children at the Boys and Girls Club, as part of their community service?
Animal cruelty is never OK. Running a dogfighting operation, with gory tactics like strapping the dogs to “rape racks” is sick, twisted and inexcusable. But, Michael Vick isn’t the only guilty party.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals websitewill tell you all about how your delicious hamburgers got to the drive through: “Cattle are castrated, their horns are ripped out of their heads, and third-degree burns (branding) are inflicted on them.” There are surely those who hypocritically criticize Vick with the blood of castrated cattle hamburger still on their faces. Before you scream hypocrisy, yes I am a vegetarian, so I have room to judge.
He doesn’t belong back in the NFL. As an abuser of innocent creatures who just want to be our friends, this man doesn’t deserve to be in a position to make millions of dollars again.


  1. Gail L Sep 12, 2009

    Michael Vick does not deserve millions of dollars. He is a sick and twisted bastard who deserves the same treatment that he gave those animals. Dog fighting is usually wrapped in more horrible crimes. So, I doubt that is all Vick got caught on. The animal abuse and killing that he committed was bad enough, and besides I doubt the bastard is even that great of a football player. He made a name for himself in the most horrible way, and he becomes more famous for it. African Americans have to start learning that when you commit horrible crimes like Vick did, you do not get a free pass, because your a football star. By the way, animal cruelty is not part of normal American culture. Hence, that is why we have laws passed to punish those who do commit these types of crimes. To defend those who can not defend themselves,( whether that kids, animals, the infirm ,or elderly). IF it weren’t for people like this monster, we wouldn’t have to have agencies to protect those that can not protect themselves. Get a grip and stop putting sickos on soap boxes. He had his fifteen minutes, let someone who knows how to play football and who is more honorable to take his place.

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  3. Lucy Sep 3, 2009

    Wow. I must bow down and applaud the previous writer for her comment since it mentioned everything that I would have loved to say in such an eloquent style :) I do agree that once you have decided that you are impervious to laws and morals and believe that your rights may override the rights of others, you have lost all people’s faith in you and towards your future career. I am sure that Michael Vick will be able to move on with his life and continue to make millions of dollars, but he will always be branded as the animal abuser and the situation he put himself in will always haunt his past and reputation.

  4. Jess Sep 3, 2009

    I think it is a privilege to play professional sports here in the U.S. We pay professional athletes millions and millions of dollars simply for our entertainment.

    Does Michael Vick deserve a second chance at life, yes. We all deserve the chance to start over and try again in life. We all deserve a chance at redemption; however, when you commit an egregious crime such as animal abuse or any other abuse for that matter, you have now forfeit your right to get paid millions to entertain people. You have taken your stature for granted and think it makes you impervious to morals and virtues.

    Step aside and let someone else fill your shoes. Let someone who is worthy of being an idol, and icon, who can appreciate where they are in life and the example they owe not only their fans, but youngsters who want to be like them, take the place of a spoiled, morally deprived athlete and get paid millions.

    Michael Vick is feeling the consequences for his actions. He created this world for himself. He can find a way out of it if he tries hard enough, but as far as I am concerned, he has lost the privilege to be paid millions of dollars to be a professional athlete in America.

    1. Jake Cornwell Sep 23, 2009

      He does not even deserve to live. That SOB Vick should still be in prison for what he did. A lesser man would have gotten for worse then what Vick got.

      1. Jake Cornwell Sep 23, 2009


  5. j.b Sep 2, 2009

    Please fellow americans here this. its true that you should not be cruel to animals. but i dont understand this kind of society in which animals are more loved than human beings. you could as well be an animal.its true vick was wrong, he got his punishment for 2 years. why are you still complaining. is it when he dies that you would be satisfied. If the Almighty God forgives him already you are to free to shout till eternity , no one ever can stop vick. for your information the hamburgers you eat is from slaughtered cows and goats . why eat it then. Stop criticizing in this society because no one is clean even your so called LAPD and campus police. I know what they do in private.
    God created man above all creatures and not the other way, if not ask your dog for advice and lets if it would help you.
    always be a forgiving in this country and leave vick alone. Also love your fellow human being.
    I am not saying you should hate dogs but they should not be priority over human being. at this point, leave micheal vick alone and pray that he should be a good man . thats my advise and comment for you. Once again stop critizing people aftyer mistakes they made and show love to all individuals
    Thank you and Stay blessed

  6. Joe Sep 2, 2009

    its kind of hard because of the nature of the whole dog fighting world and MV killing dogs. but maybe there should be a bit more focus on donte stallworth who killed a man while drunk and served less than a month in jail.

  7. Alonso Sep 2, 2009

    Michael Vick is evil. There is only one kind of person who does the type of thing he did to dogs. He not only kidnapped and fought them, causing them severe injuries and eventual death, but he also killed them with his bare hands just because they weren’t good enough to be fought. He held a dog’s head under water. He picked a dog up and slammed it against the floor until its back broke. He electrocuted a dog to death. He tied a rope around a dog’s neck and hung it … He did this MULTIPLE times. This is not a man that deserves a chance in the NFL. This a man who should be looking for divine forgiveness. There are things you can forgive, and this isn’t the case. His actions were just plain EVIL. NOT EVERYONE deserves a second chance. Vick sure as hell doesn’t. At least not in the NFL.

  8. Billis Sep 1, 2009

    What is not truthful about this? It’s an opinion and there is nothing in this piece that is a lie. If you have some privileged insight on MV, or were close to him at one point in your life and know for a fact that he is lying then please share with the Sundial so they can break the story. Please point out the falsehoods. MV spoke to at-risk, inner-city kids about the dangers of animal cruelty. On “60 Minutes” he blamed himself and expressed regret and remorse. If you didn’t see this then that’s your view. I’ve never been a Michael Vick fan, but I believe in second chances. If he had harmed a human that’s a different story. I appreciate your view. I’m more than excited that you have a perspective and want to challenge this. It’s more than most can muster.

  9. pat Sep 1, 2009

    “”Before his conditional NFL reinstatement, Vick began his positive image shaping. He spoke to at-risk, inner-city kids about the dangers of animal cruelty in Chicago.””

    Here is what Vick said to the 250 kids at a basketball camp. “Use me as an example”.(talking about his fame) …”Someone who didn’t have my best interest at heart took it all away from me”…..

    Does this sound like MV has any idea who is responsibile for his misdeeds? “Someone”?

    And then you said this, “Vick made appearances on national TV, including a “60 Minutes” interview where he only blamed himself, expressing regret and remorse for his previous actions. At least he is pointing the finger at himself and nobody else.”

    I’m confused. I’m sorry that you aren’t looking at the whole picture. You can pick and choose what you want to say about MV, but please, be truthful.

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