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Car chase ends on the sixth floor of B3 parking structure


A suspected drunk driver is arrested after a chase that began at Ventura Boulevard and Hayvenhurst Avenue and ended on the rooftop of the B3 parking structure at about 6:45 p.m. Wednesday. Photo Credit: Hannah Pedraza / Photo Editor

A suspected drunk driver was apprehended on the rooftop of the B3 parking structure Wednesday at about 6:45 p.m.

“We received a call from the manager at Gelson’s on Ventura and Hayvenhurst about a possible suspected drunk driver,” said Sgt. Walter Hanna of the West Valley division.

Hanna said they tried to make contact with the driver at the Gelson’s market parking lot but the suspect started his car, backed out and almost hit a vehicle as he drove off into the street.

“He was completely unresponsive,” Hanna said. “Based on his actions we believed him to be intoxicated or to be a person with mental illness.”

The pursuit continued in the street as the suspect in a grey Mazda minivan wove in and out of traffic and at one point drove on the opposite lanes, Hanna said.

Hanna added that police vehicles backed off from the suspect to see whether he would stop his erratic driving but it became worse as he drove into the campus.

“We cordoned off the entrances and exits of the parking lot,” Hanna said. “When the suspect made it to the roof top and we had him under control we eventually started letting people into the structure.”

When the suspect made it to the roof, he stopped the van, locked it and then crawled to the back of the vehicle, Hanna said. Police had to use a pellet gun to break into the vehicle, Hanna said.

“The suspect seems to be intoxicated and is unresponsive,” Hanna said. “He will be evaluated for drugs as well.”

Hanna said more than one ounce of marijuana was found in the vehicle.


  1. Kyle Bracewell Mar 5, 2010

    I like how my post was removed, but the sarcastic attack posted as a reply to my comment was reposted as a stand-alone comment. Where’s the journalistic integrity? Who makes the moderation decisions? And why is there no note attached to the article indicating that it has been modified from its original form? I’m starting to seriously lose faith in the Sundial staff’s ability to operate within fair and journalistic standards.

    1. FOX Mar 8, 2010

      they should renamd it Sundial to the left!

  2. Kyle Bracewell Mar 5, 2010

    Thanks for the edits! :)

  3. lucy Mar 5, 2010

    wheres the video?

  4. james Mar 4, 2010

    i saw this chase when i was n a gas sltation (saticoy and lindly) i could say that he was driving good…..

  5. Kyle, Will you please apply for the copy editor’s position as soon as possible? In fact, will you please join the Sundial as soon as you can and save it from its inevitable demise. The Sundial’s days competing with the Times and Post are numbered. But if you join the staff it may have a chance. Kyle, the great intellectual and savior of the Sundial, for copy editor!

  6. I heart Kyle Mar 4, 2010

    Kyle is right. Jackie is wrong.

  7. Jackie Hampton Mar 4, 2010

    @Kyle: Get a life! If you found so many errors, how about you walk down to the Sundial office and make a complaint. Better yet, how about you join the staff, and write some articles yourself. These are students who are still learning how to write news articles–not to mention simple human error–so have a heart sheesh!…

    good job @ the author of this article.

  8. Sherlock Holmes Mar 4, 2010

    I sure hope that campus security gave the man a parking ticket for parking illegally and without a permit.

  9. Kyle Bracewell Mar 4, 2010

    Also, “rooftop” and “more than” one ounce of marijuana. :)

  10. Kyle Bracewell Mar 4, 2010

    That should say “hell sheet.” My iPhone refuses to learn the word “hell.”

  11. Kyle Bracewell Mar 4, 2010

    Did this article go through a copy editor before you posted it? It has missing and misplaced commas. The suspect drove “onto oncoming traffic,” implying that he literally RAN OVER other vehicles. He then drove “into the campus,” which means he collided with the campus. Finally, when he stops on the roof, he “locks HIMSELF.” Hey advisers, would you mind ripping someone a new one during he’ll sheet? Thanks.

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