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CSUN swim team gets cut by athletic department


Freshman Kimberly Rashleigh is one of many Matador swimmers not able to compete in the 2010-11 season. Photo Credit: Sarah Smith / Staff Photographer

The Cal State Northridge men’s and women’s swimming team was discontinued Monday afternoon by the athletic department due to the ongoing statewide financial crisis.

“Looking at the budget and what are income and expenses are was a deciding factor in our decision,” Rick Mazzuto, the Athletic Director at CSUN said. “In the past two years many campuses across the nation have cut sports programs due to the financial crisis. So it’s not just a problem in our university.”

The CSUN swimming head coach Barry Schreifels was shocked to hear the news.

“I never would have guessed this happening to us,” Schreifels said.  “When Rick (Mazzuto) told me the news it was very difficult for me. I’ve been working (at CSUN) since 1993 and the swimming team is a big part of my life.”

Schreifels and the rest of his swimmers haven’t decided yet whether to protest the athletic department’s decision.

“Right now we are all shocked and disappointed. In the next few days we will discuss how to approach this news,” Schreifels said.

For more information on this matter check out tomorrow’s issue and check the dailysundial.com for updates.


  1. David May 7, 2010

    If everyone knew how much money CSUN wasted on CERTAIN athletic programs there would be an uproar. Do students know that they somehow FUND team dinner outings?, I mean seriously. One time at macaroni grill I served the whole b-ball team and the bill was put on the “csun” card.. plus the tip. I refused the tip and thought, “this is coming out of my pocket anyhow”… grr..soo much waste

  2. Tom Mizuno Mar 12, 2010

    Barry was shocked? Maybe if he would have worked harder the last 15 years and not be LAST at conference and have such a poor record the AD wouldn’t have made the cut. I’m shocked he was able to keep his job with that kind of performance!
    He recruited swimmers saying they “didn’t party”. What a joke!

  3. Yoni Mann Mar 3, 2010

    R.I.P. CSUN Swim Team

  4. Simone Mar 2, 2010

    This is horrible news! Soon there will be no sports to even support CSUN as a school.

    Investigate why other sports have 34 players when they only need 8….the swim team had members donating to keep it afloat.

    What about the new pool that is being built? What is the use of that now?

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