Get to know… Heidi Pettinger

    Heidi Pettinger CSUN Water polo. Photo Credit: CSUN Media Athletics

    Date of birth: Feb. 3, 1990
    Place of birth: Las Vegas, NV.
    Height: 5’ 9

    Stats: Goals-19, Steals-22, Assist-15

    Experience: Sophomore

    Position: Two-meter
    Major: Liberal Studies
    Food: Steak
    Music: Country
    Movie: “Training Day” and “Remember the Titans”
    Song: “Then I did” by Rascal Flatts
    Athlete: Ronnie Brown, running back for the Miami Dolphins

    Greatest Difficulty: “Balancing water polo and school.”
    Greatest goal accomplished: “Earning three specialties in scuba diving.”
    Hobbies: “Scuba diving and teaching swim lessons.”
    Most Embarrassing Moment: “I don’t have one.”

    Water Polo
    Best part of my game: “my defense.”
    Part of my game that needs improvement: “My outside shooting.”
    Best player I’ve played against so far: “Kami Craig from USC.”
    Player I pattern my game after: “No one.”
    Pre-game rituals: “Listen to iPod.”
    Team: “First team goal was to be ranked in the top 10 and now we would like to win Big West regular season and tournament games.”
    Individual: “Make all Big West Conference Team and shut down opponents other two-meter players.”

    My first sport: Soccer
    Other sports I played while growing up: Softball, tennis, and cheerleading.
    What I do to stay in shape during the offseason: “I play with my club team CHAWP (water polo team).”
    When I started playing water polo: “I was nine.”
    Person I would like to meet: Rascal Flatts