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Facebook: New ‘Subscribe To’ Button in Testing Stage


Facebook is reportedly testing a new feature which lets you subscribe to a particular user, according to a report from All Facebook.

This means that at any time, you can get notifications as to what that user is doing—whether it is posting status updates or new content (photos, videos, links, etc…).

By subscribing to a friend, you can know even more about him or her by what is posted.

But why spend the time and money on this sort of feature when a user can just look at a friend’s page more often? Well, not having such a feature lets you waste more time. That’s for all those people who check Facebook every ten minutes to see if a friend posted those pictures from last weekend.

One disadvantage of such a feature is how it’s quite…stalkerish.

It’s also the fact that you’re constantly bombarded with updates that take your time and attention away from other things.

Either way, you’re still spending your time on Facebook and that’s the company’s goal.

While this advancement does sound neat, I’m not sure how a lot of people will react. I still feel quite conflicted with the idea.

But, that’s what we all have do deal with in a highly ambitious and technologically advanced society.


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1 Comment

  1. carouser Sep 4, 2010

    Isn’t it, in a way, less creepy that someone is just receiving your updates in an email because they clicked one button instead of clicking through by hand every online interaction you’ve ever had?


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