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From Go-Bama to No-Bama: the rise and fall of an American president


In the beginning, there was Bush: an openly selfish, headstrong and confused man who misinterpreted religion as a means for world dominance. Bush provided an experience that left most Americans in deep need of relief. Both his election and re-election were dubious and controversial. His administration lied about weapons of mass destruction leading to the war in Iraq and his deregulation of Wall Street arguably started the economic meltdown.

An “anybody but him” attitude embodied America and encompassed all Republicans as a result.

Then, there was Barack Hussein Obama.

Despite his middle name in the midst of an anti-Muslim atmosphere and African decent in a begrudged, but now somewhat moderately racist community, people loved him. He gives well-delivered speeches, he’s an even better debater and he has a persona that makes one feel like he is the guy next door. He was a perfectly-timed and very impressive relief indeed.

But alas, that perception has vanished. With his second year nearing its end, his approval rating is now only 40 percent, down 18 percent from January, according to a recent Washington Post poll. Protests, extreme-right political groups and anti-government militias have grown immensely in number, as well as hate crimes and death threats to government officials.

According to author Ronald Kessler’s new book, “Inside the President’s Secret Service,” Obama receives 30 death threats a day which must be investigated by a now understaffed and underfunded Secret Service team.

Almost every member of Congress who signed the new health care bill has received threats, or their offices have been vandalized. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) had to replace windows that were broken hours after the signing. The office of Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) was vandalized a few days after.

It is a bad time for Obama. His charm and assured confidence has been the only factor keeping him from rock-bottom. But what has he done wrong?

In his defense, his time as president could not have come at a more inconvenient choosing. Never mind the fact that he is the first African-American president and its sole ramifications for America, but the responsibilities he faces could in fact be compared, in depth, to those of the founding fathers.

To begin with, there was the very tragic economic meltdown, the unnecessary war in Iraq and conflicts with Iran, and America’s soiled reputation in the international community.

Later, there were the uncoordinated bank bailouts, national health care debate, the oil spill and sudden concern for the national debt. All of these issues and more are on the plate of one man.

It has been decades since so much has needed dealing with by an American president, and it had to happen to him.

The answer to the new-found hatred stems directly from the economy. Obama wasted his first year on national health care which, though historic and helpful, only brought in more negative perceptions from the public and enemies from the Republican Party.

Had he spent that year making the economy his primary concern, he might have been able to make some friends in the GOP, which would help in a later vote—all the while gaining public praise for his efforts.

Instead the domino effect has occurred. In ignoring the most important aspect, he’s suffering from all of them. No doubt people would be less concerned about the national debt, like they were during the Bush and Clinton era, if they had jobs to feed their families.

The economic woes of America beget more insecurity and irrationality in people. The fantasies embroidering America such as “the American Dream” have implanted in the public a false reality, a psyche that nothing can go wrong.

Now that it has, people are lost. They’re going crazy. They are in need of a solution today and unfortunately, as anyone who has studied economics knows, it is not going to happen.

Instead they are placing their lost energy and time, usually spent on work, blaming Obama. Many have been placing their hopes in whatever, or whoever, may seem reasonable during this time, such as conspiracy theories, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Fox News. Guaranteed, if they had jobs, they wouldn’t waste their time listening to such nonsense.

Now Obama is facing the consequences. Republicans, who placed the United States in the economic crisis and molded the Constitution to suit their individual needs, will most likely be in the White House again. It is the tragic cycle of American politics.

The ideology of immediate gratification that is ingrained in the public will forever be manipulated by politicians until either they run out of money or pick up a book.

However, in the centuries that have passed and looking into the near future, it seems neither of those may be happening anytime soon. Hopefully it will before it is too late (i.e., President Palin).


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  1. Wow. I’m encouraged by readers’ reactions to this piece. If they’re CSUN professors or students I have a renewed hope for the future of our country.

    Yes, this piece is full of left-wing “bumper-sticker wisdom”: “Bush lied, people died.” Lots of “facts” but nothing to support them.

    Xavier: There’s a battle for our country–a new Civil War if you will. The Founding Fathers and those who support their values–American values–are now considered “Right-wing extremists.”

    Have you ever watched Fox News? Glenn Beck? If you would, you might actually learn something other than liberal claptrap. Then you can do some reasearch and pick apart, piece-by-piece all the “lies” supported by the real “facts.” Your readers will respect you for it when you admit that you’ve been played for a fool by the liberal media and the left-wing hatemongers.

  2. John Sep 14, 2010

    Hey Xavier Scott,

    Might I offer you a ride to the bridge so you don’t have to leave your car there blocking traffic when you jump?

    Here’s an alternative: Stop thinking of how the world is going to end if and when our country is returned to a free society. Worst thing that will happen is you might have to work for a living. Jeez, that might kill you!

    By the way, you should have a look at the sentiments you have stirred up over at FreeRepublic:


    Thanks for exercising your freedom of speech, which is ONLY because of our Constitution. Now get a clue.

  3. Douglas4517 Sep 14, 2010

    The piece is so full of mindless parroting of the Left that it makes one chuckle sadly at the lack of real education. The education one once got at universities and colleges has been supplanted by leftist brainwashing.


    Obama should have understood the economic realities before he began his run for president. It has become painfully obvious that he didn’t and still doesn’t. The problem is that Mr. Obama will not suffer (beyond being a one term president) but the rest of us will. His policies are the old policies of the Democratic Left. Ironically, he complains about the lack of “new ideas” from the GOP while he continues to make things worse by following the old ideas of the Democratic Party.

    1. Douglas 4517:

      A lot of things for many people seem to be about the right way to do things or the wrong way. They are obviously far brighter folks than we are over here at the Institute.

      It appears some of us have just wasted our education, and engage in wasteful thinking, and others do not.

      A lot of folks out there seem to know what works and what doesn’t. We just wish that those who KNOW what work would take control and get it done so that none of us have to suffer further.

      We don’t have a clue as to what to do about many of these problems about which many people are debating or yelling. We’re not that learned.

      Those of you out there who do should feel fortunate you know what to do. It must be a comforting feeling.

  4. We strongly suspect that neither party really knows what they’re doing, nor does any group of experts know what to do.
    This is an area of uncharted waters, and everyone has theories, including the President. He’s placing his untested theories into action, and people are uncomfortable. Even if the executed policies are the “right” ones, that is something which we will not know for several years down the road, even if then.
    This economic problem is simply too large, complex, and interconnected with the economies of other nations, over which the US has no control. To fix most things in the universe, you have to get them to sit still at least for a short period of time. This is a dynamic situation.
    If we as a society actually knew what worked, and could establish a direct cause and effect relationship with any certainty, we would have done it by now. Don’t you think?
    If the solutions were that clear cut, wouldn’t you think that the governments of some other large world economics would have placed those solutions into action already? Any self-respecting, honest person would not claim WITH CERTAINTY that what they did at point X led directly to condition Y. Who really knows that? Let’s get real folks.
    Quite frankly, we don’t think that any leader or legislative body ever KNOWS that what they do will have a specific, desired effect. Like any business person, they simply just give it their best shot and hope and pray that things will turn out OK. At least business people have more control over their smaller entities.

  5. DCjoe Sep 14, 2010

    Funny how many people refuse to believe facts. Anyone who says that the first paragraph of this article is full of lies, must have lived outside of the US from 2000 through 2008. Bush was by far the worse president since Richard Nixon-he was an absolute failure on the domestic front, thanks to his foreign policy interests that kept him distracted and saddling your grandchildren to pay for two wars that he never accounted for in his budgets. I want to point out that the national debt went from $5 trillion in 2000 to more than $10 trillion by 2008-a triumph of no other president in the nation’s history. You don’t have to like the facts, but you should understand that they exist.

    If you can create your truth about Obama, you can certaintly find the truth about Bush.

  6. John Beier Sep 14, 2010

    The Editor of this newspaper should be forced to read that first paragraph, over and over again, until he realizes where he went wrong.

  7. PatQ Sep 14, 2010

    Honestly, this guy needs to get his facts straight before pontificating in a college newspaper. From the “Bush lied” rhetoric to forgetting that Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, and Chris Dodd each had a massive role in the destruction of the housing market. He needs to do some research on the Community Reinvestment Act that Carter put into place.

    He also needs to quit whining that Obama has a tough job. For heavens sakes, he needs to man up!!

  8. CApitalG Sep 14, 2010

    I read the first sentence and knew this was just another fact deficient article written by a brainwashed liberal pseudo intellectual.

    Nowhere is there a mention of racist liberals who viciously beat Ken Gladney for his crime of ‘being conservative while black’. Racist liberals have a special term for African American conservatives and we learned what that was when they smeared Condi Rice with it (‘house n-word’ in case you had conveniently forgotten).

    Nowhere is it mentioned that a deranged liberal bit the finger off a man in a town hall meeting.

    Nowhere is it mentioned that President Bush was frequently threatened with death. Bush was hanged in effigy. Burned in effigy. Beheaded in effigy at liberal protests. Protestors held signs threatening him with death.

    Liberals are blind to the hate when it is flowing like the Mississippi from their own kind.

    Try this simple experiment. Google the term “kill bush” and click on images. Now do the same for Obama. Stunning.

    No mention of the constant sexist attacks on Sarah Palin.

    No mention of the chronic liberal shrieks directed at anyone who doesn’t agree with their socialist “I can spend your money better than you can’ viewpoints.

    Face the facts. You are being brainwashed by your teachers, Hollywood, and the news media. They tell you what to think – and you think it. You watch Jon Stewart to get your news and learn what your opinions are going to be. You open your mouths and strap on your ‘progressive’ propaganda feed bag and squeal for more when the talking points run low.

  9. kanawa Sep 14, 2010

    Eight lies in the first paragraph.
    I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt
    and assume they are the products of confusion and not malice.

  10. Tori Lynne Sep 14, 2010

    Thanks for the morning laugh.

    Wait until you live in the real world, and not the pie-in-the-sky utopia of left-over-from-the-1960’s liberal professors, I image you’ll see things differently.

    Slam Bush all you want, but the thought of 9/11 on Al Gore’s watch should make even the most diehard progressive shudder.

  11. Pat Gibson Sep 14, 2010

    Sad, just sad.

    An opus by a supposedly educated writer that lacks even the most basic grammatic structure and is chock full of dramatic hyperbole without any supporting data or facts.

    But, it got published.

    Sad…all the way around.

  12. NoTitleIXFan Sep 14, 2010

    Another young mind turned to mush by 60’s radical professors. Sorry kid. The best this article will do for your writing career is get you a page 27 editorial in “Workers Daily.”

    On a good note, your article definitely confirms what you are good at…. Passing out reelect flyers for Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein.

  13. KansasGirl Sep 14, 2010

    Oh Goody, another journalist in the making. Kid, I’d stay in school as long as I could if I were you.

  14. Jamos Sep 14, 2010

    Lemmee use big woads professuh, then I sound smart.

    Last solace – when he/she is 40, we’ll hear – boy, I had no wisdom.

  15. Daniel Sep 14, 2010

    Where to start on this self absorbed bit of leftist drivel? There is so much nonsense in this it could take days to examine it all. From first sentence to last, it is nothing but over-indulged, childish whining. Devoid of facts, but long on denial and blame. I hope this poor child can find meaningful employment should it ever manage to get out of school. African “decent”? What?? If this is a racist country, how did BHO get elected in the first place, genius? Yes, young lad, BHO is a Master Debater, and reads a mean teleprompter…even at press conferences.

    “Protests, extreme-right political groups and anti-government militias have grown immensely in number, as well as hate crimes and death threats to government officals.” Please sir, elaborate, and show me some FACTS.

    BHO wanted the job. Now he has it. Maybe he should grow up, shut up and start doing the job he wanted. BHO and this twit must be sharing the same brain cell. This poor child is in for a world of pain when it enters what’s left of the job market.

    He should practice this line repeatedly “Would you like fries with that?”

  16. Jerry Sep 13, 2010

    Wow!! Someone drank the fool-aid. I bet your parents are proud that they have spent all that money to send you to college so you can be edumacated. If this is the blind idiocy that is now pervasive in our educational system, the youth of today would be better off getting a job. Oh, my bad. Obamanomics killed that idea.

  17. HadaAbeche Sep 13, 2010

    He certainly needs to learn to spell … !

  18. Louis Sep 13, 2010

    I think you’ve been staring into the sundial too long

  19. Dave Cherry Sep 13, 2010

    At first I thought this piece was rather clever satire. About two sentences in, the sinking feeling hit me , and I knew it was just another product of our so-called education system, clueless, and not afraid to show it.

    Maybe he should focus his studies on English, as a second language.

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