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Overcoming a high stress level


Photo credit: Katie Grayot, Staff Photographer


Dear Life & Style,

I’ve noticed that my stress level has been higher than usual. I have trouble relaxing and I just can’t seem to shake this anxiety. I know that it’s only the fourth week of the semester, but it’s obvious that I’ve been showing my stress in my physical appearance. My skin is breaking out, I’ve been gaining weight, and I just don’t feel like myself anymore. Any ideas of how I can relieve some of this tension? — Frazzled


Dear Frazzled,

With the start of a new semester you welcome piles of work into your already busy life. Life can toss you many challenges at once but the main key is to learn how to juggle everything into place and not sweat it or it will break you.

School and personal life can get tangled up quickly.

Homework, friends, work, and relationships may bring a lot of stress. With so much going on, you might forget how to deal with it all and let the stress over come you. Manifesting your stress through negative health reactions can cause breakouts, hair loss, weight gain, weight loss, insomnia, and even depression.

Here are a few stress management tips:

Exercise: Working out and doing movements that relax your body can help lower your stress level and help you learn how to maintain it. Pilates and yoga are some forms of exercise that can help the body and mind come together and they reduce stress as well as help you reach inner peace. Both of these exercises keep you fit, active and healthy. They also teach you breathing techniques that can be applied in any situation when confronted with any form of stress. These breathing techniques can be used before a test, and they actually help you keep focused and stress free.

Friends: Surrounding yourself with friends and doing fun activities can help you forget about your stress. Hanging out with the people you enjoy is not only fun but they keep you company, that way you do not have to be by yourself. Study dates are always more fun when you are with a group then by yourself.

Positive thoughts: Keeping a positive mind and not letting the little things get to you is very important. When you start to fret on the little things, they become even bigger than what they were.

Calming beverages: Drinking hot tea, such as chamomile, does not only taste good, it relaxes you. Consuming a beverage such as tea before bed or anything that can increase your stress level is a routine you should consider. Tea is a natural tranquillizer that really does help reduce stress.

“Me” time: Taking time for yourself and actually being aware of your feelings and emotions is the most important. When you are aware of what is bothering you, you will know how to deal with your situation. You are the only one that can help yourself, because you’re the one going through it.

No matter how you choose to deal with your stress always remember to make it a positive one.


  1. Marcelo Oct 23, 2010

    I found that there are things in life that we would rather not bother God with: One should not ask God to take the calories out of the chocolate cake, right, because one can in fact choose not to eat the cake. Sure, there are other examples like these, but where do you draw the line? I think it best to just bring it all to God and let Him tell you which part is yours and which part should be left up to His almighty hands. So why not bring this dreaded weight loss plateau that has been chipping away at your soul to Him?

    A verse that meant a lot to me in my struggle with “the dreaded plateau” is found in Jeremiah 33:3 “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”

  2. If there’s one thing we humans are unbelievably good at it’s RATIONALIZING. There’s a little part of our brain that feels inclined to be rewarded for good behavior and hard work. That’s why we feel cheated if we don’t get paid for a job well done. This same part of your brain could very well be sabotaging your weight loss efforts… This adds up to more stress and end up with a health problem. Well stress can bring you down at anytime so it would be better if you’ll get yourself busy of something healthy like exercise and eating healthy foods.

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