Get to know… Ron Dierkes

    Goalie Ron Dierkes protects the net at CSUN’s homeopener on Sept 18. Dierkes is currently in his fourth season as a Matador. Assistant Sports Editor Monique Muniz.

    Get to know… Ron Dierkes

    Date of birth: August 7, 1981
    Place of birth: Warminster, PA

    Height: 6’0
    Stats last season: 768 saves and a 18-5 record.

    Position:  Goalie
    Major: Accounting

    Food: Steak
    Music: Rock ‘n Roll
    Movie: “Shawshank Redemption”
    Song: “Defense” by Bad Religion
    Athlete: Former Philadelphia Flyers Ron Hextall

    Greatest Difficulty: Procrastination
    Greatest goal accomplished: Being accepted in the Accounting program at CSUN
    Most Embarrassing Moment: Fell through a glass table         while lifting weights on it
    Hobbies: Any kind of brain games.

    Best part of my game: Glove hand
    Part of my game that needs improvement: Puck handling and stopping Anthony Kendryna in practice
    Best player I’ve played against so far: Andy Jackiel from College of the Canyons
    Player I pattern my game after: Patrick Roy
    Pre-game rituals: Five hour energy drink before game and puts aside a Gatorade before third period
    Superstitions: Always puts left skate on first

    Team:  To finish top five in country
    Individual: To have at least one shutout this season

    Other sports I played while growing up: Soccer and football
    When I started playing hockey: Street hockey at age 7 and ice hockey at age 18
    What I do to stay in shape during the offseason: Goes to gym, runs and plays in a summer hockey league
    Person I would like to meet: Greg Graffin (lead singer of Bad Religion)