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Prof. Kenneth Ng speaks, defends controversial website


Kenneth Ng
associate professor

BigBabyKenny.com was never a site about or promoting “sex tourism.”

These sex tours, mainly organized for Chinese and Japanese men seeking commercial sex, were never mentioned, discussed, or promoted on BigBabyKenny.com.

Instead, BigBabyKenny.com was about discussing and photographically documenting marriage, dating, love, and sex in Thailand and Asia—The Thailand Girl Scene in BigBabyKenny.com speak.

Integral to the discussion was the relationship between love, sex, dating, money, wealth and social class in Thailand and Asia-a relationship much different to the norm in Western (predominantly Judeo-Christian) societies.

Thailand is a rigid class-based society where the traditional paths average and disadvantaged Western women use to advance economically and socially are blocked or unavailable.

Marrying, dating, or becoming emotionally and/or sexually involved with foreigners is one the few open avenues to social and economic betterment for middle and lower class Thai women.

Thai women have a long tradition of finding happiness and improved lifestyles through marrying, dating, and having consensual and, sometimes, commercial sex with foreigners.

They have an equally long and parallel tradition of combining sex and the weak Thai legal system to scam money from foreign men.

BigBabyKenny.com contained articles, advice, and uncensored discussion about all of these aspects of The Thailand Girl Scene plus articles and discussion of politics, economics, and Expat life in Thailand.

Included in the discussion were articles, photojournalism, and discussion of the intertwining of love, sex, and money in traditional Thai relationships and a view into the daily lives of everyday women in a society where culture and class keeps them down both economically and socially.

Documented and discussed were the marriage customs and sex lives of affluent Thai men, e.g. the mistress market, the expectations (or lack thereof) of monogamy in Thailand and other non-Christian Asian societies, and the prospects and handicaps facing lower class Thai women trying to advance themselves through marriage, dating, and sex in a rigidly class-based society.

The CSUN Asian American and Women’s studies departments claimed BigBabyKenny.com “perpetuates the cultural prostitution of women in Thailand” but I think they got it wrong.

Anyone reading BigBabyKenny.com, got an eye-opening education about what it really means to be a woman in a country and culture where not only do most women start off life poor but where most of the normal paths to upward economic and social mobility are blocked by age-old laws, customs, values, and government interference in the free market.

Although not intended to be an educational site, regular BigBabyKenny.com readers received the most accurate and comprehensive real life look at the nitty-gritty details of Thai women’s lives available anywhere on the Internet, or in mainline books, newspapers, and magazines—-and learned more about women’s issues in Asia than they get in a semester long women’s studies course at most universities.

BigBabyKenny.com readers also got an honest, no holds barred, uncensored, photographically documented, eye opening look into a non-Western culture and way of life few will ever get to experience firsthand.

Read “Sense and Sensibility” for a look at women’s lives in Victorian England. Read BigBabyKenny.com for a look at women’s lives in poor Asian countries.

Plus the articles and discussion were hugely entertaining, engaging, and funny — which explained the sites growing popularity over time and, eventually, why BigBabyKenny.com came to the attention of the mainstream press.

What is truly sad is that external forces impinged on the university’s normally free market for ideas and opinions, led to the removal of the information, photography, and uncensored discussion of The Thailand Girl Scene from BigBabyKenny.com.

To see the news story on this controversy, follow the link below.




  1. Karoline Oct 25, 2010

    I didn’t know how to express what I think of your ideas about “documentation” and entertainment on websites, so I found a quote to say it for me:

    Compassion is the basis of all morality. -Arthur Schopenhauer, German Philosopher

    The public is generally outraged by your former hobby website and by the fact that you’re still a professor because your website illustrated how deeply you lack compassion.

    You wrote about these women, took their pictures and wrote about how they have so few choices in life, not with the intention of bringing the bleakness of their situation to the attention of Western Society to save them, but merely to entertain people.

    It was exploitation plain and simple. They have been exploited by their nation and you joined in that activity, that tradition, and added to their misery by exploiting them online.

    Another quote that sums up the problem with your former hobby:

    Compassion alone stands apart from the continuous traffic between good and evil proceeding within us. -Eric Hoffer, American Writer, 1902-1983.

    Perhaps you can take all you have learned about the plight of these women and fund some scholarships for them so they can get out of the bars and whorehouses and go to school?

    That would be the professorial thing to do.

  2. Maggie Oct 22, 2010

    Professor Ng, I don’t know much about the CSUs, but your story has come to my attention quite a few times. You are a depraved individual and extremely immature for posting “defenses” under fake names.

    Your view of Asian women is so misogynistic that recommending your site as an accurate picture of life in poor Asian countries is laughable…unlike your site. Please do everyone a favor and stop plaguing the world with your presence. You’re just a big, fat, ugly loser who can’t get a girl without coercion/physical force/money. Get a life.

  3. JustAsking Oct 15, 2010

    Mr. Ng is defending website content that he has already deleted. If he were man enough he would put all his old content back online and then let a real debate arise. He is simply in fear of his job and reputation, hence will not do this and can therefore not be taken seriously.

    Or how serious would you take a man with this background:

    “In 2001, a civil lawsuit was filed against him by a then 22-year-old Pasadena City College student, who said Ng mischaracterized her on a website by using photographs of her, then writing erotic fictional tales about her.

    The case was later settled, but Ng said the case was an example of extortion against him.”


    So writing fictional sex stories about a woman using her real pictures is totally normal. And if that woman goes to court it’s extortion. Welcome to the perverted world of Mr. Ng. Anybody knows how much Mr. Ng had to pay her to settle that case?

  4. Ashamed of CSUN Oct 14, 2010

    “BigBabyKenny.com was never a site about or promoting “sex tourism.”

    “These sex tours, mainly organized for Chinese and Japanese men seeking commercial sex, were never mentioned, discussed, or promoted on BigBabyKenny.com”

    Lets be very clear here, Sex Tourism is not exclusive to bus loads of Japanese, Korean and Chinese men who travel to Thailand exclusively for sex.

    Sex Tourism can include one individual getting on a plane at LAX and traveling to Bangkok to have sex, document it and publish it for others as a sex guide. This is exactly what Dr. Kenneth Ng did! He published mountains of work on his site BigBabyKenny.com

    Nice try Kenny!

  5. Robin Witt Oct 12, 2010

    Here is a comment I found from one of the Huff articles. It will send shivers down your spine:

    “As an expat living in Thailand, I have frequently read many of the local blogs detailing nightlife and everyday activities. I have come across this guys posts on other websites and he has long been considered one creepy individual. His past posts talked about stalking young college students which he called “fresh produce” in local university libraries and various other places around Bangkok.”


  6. Ashamed of CSUN Oct 12, 2010

    Kenneth Ng is CyNtHiA Zeeeeeeee!

  7. Mayalila Oct 10, 2010

    Scum of the earth.

    Dear CyNtHiA Zee[give or take a few]e! The way you spell your name quite adequately reflects the intellectual level of the students who support Prof. “I like them around fifteen and forced into it” Ng.

  8. CyNtHiA Zeeeeeeee! Oct 10, 2010

    Dear Robin Witt

    In prof. Ng’s class, I read Capitalism and Freedom by Nobel Prize Winner Milton Friedman.

    If poor countries adopted free market capitalism, everyone in the country will become wealthy. They will then use that wealth to bring about political change and dictatators like in China and Thailand will be brought down and Chinese people will be free at last. That is because freedom is a normal good.

    Did you know that in China if you say the communists are bad they come and put you in jail and they imprison everyone in your family to and if anyone says anything about that kill them too.

    As an Asian American, I am more concerned about the slavery of Chinese people than I care about your cousin who wants to go to Dubai to make a little more money so she can have a better cellphone and wear nicer clothing. Is she stupid or what? She can’t read the newspaper to know what happens to girls in Dubai?

    BTW, you are not even Asian so where do you get off telling me that I am not a good Asian.

    1. Dragon Oct 22, 2010

      Your Asian-card has been revoked. Now kindly please sit down and shut the !@#$ up. Thank you.

  9. Sherlock Oct 9, 2010

    Rhetorical question.

    Is it genetically possible for a feminist to have a sense of humor?

    1. Nero Wolfe Oct 11, 2010

      Rhetorical question.

      Is it genetically possible for a sexist douchebag to realize that jokes about abusing women are harmful rather than funny?

    2. Nero Wolfe Oct 11, 2010

      Rhetorical question.

      Is it genetically possible for a sexist douchebag to realize that jokes about abusing women are harmful rather than funny?

    3. Dorian Oct 11, 2010

      as possible as for you to have COMMON SENSE!!

      and you go to csun? you are getting an education. seriously, why are you wasting everyones time?! go watch your porn and play your call of duty and leave those of us who WANT TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE by ridding it of parasites like this professor and this site to handle the big stuff. ok??

      1. Dorian Oct 11, 2010

        that reply was for sherlok. i agree with nero

  10. Emily creecy Oct 9, 2010

    then he’s an unfunny idiot, as I suspected.

    try looking up the sex tourism industry in thailand if ya’ll are so astounded that people might take this issue seriously.

    1. Robin Witt Oct 10, 2010

      Emily, interesting that this is being used as a backlash to feminism. I mean, it blows my mind! Asian women are coming to his defense no less! Talk about internalized racism and patriarchy. I mean, how is it not okay to joke about people in wheelchairs or the holocaust, but it’s okay to joke about sex slavery. And then use it to insult gender/women’s studies. Why? We’re trying to raise awareness about and stop the sex slave trade! If any of these students who adore and defend Ng just once imagined their mother, sister, nephew, niece, girlfriend in the place of one of these Thai “girls” that Ng mentions, I don’t think they would be laughing.

      Did you know that I have a beautiful, young cousin in the Philippines who has to go to Saudi Arabia to become a domestic service worker (maid) just to survive? we sent her money but she is still gonna go. I am so frightened for her. But I guess these people would think that it is funny.

  11. CyNtHiA Zeeeeeeee! Oct 9, 2010

    I’ve took 3 classes from Prof. Ng so I know pretty much what he thinks is funny.

    He once told a story about about Mao Tse Tung, Milton Friedman, and Barbara Boxer stranded on a desert island with only a can of campbells cream of mushroom soup that had all the students laughing so hard.

    Writing this essay as a joke on all the “knee jerk liberals” is definitely his style of humor.

    Reading all the self righteous indignation in the comments is just as funny as some of the jokes in his class.

    The fact that the feministand Politically correct brigade are all taking it so seriously and are all so outraged is exactly what he would think is funny.

    One time in his class, he gave a quiz on Keynsian economics where he gave us an hour to predict what a Keynsian economic model would say would happen if taxes were raised and the students spent an hour and couldn’t figure out the answer.

    When he went over the answer, the answer was the Keynsian model was no good so it couldn’t predict anything. He thought it was funny to give us an unsolvable problem to solve.

    At the time, it made me mad but later I realized what he was trying to say.

    BTW, I am an Asian American student and don’t see anything wrong with discussing sex in Asia. Why not tell it like it is?

    1. Robin Witt Oct 10, 2010

      You’re an Asian and you don’t see why sexually exploiting women of your own ethnicity is not funny? You don’t see how joking about an industry that enslaves 30 million women, girls and boys and forces them into a life of prostitution is lame? You support a slave trade that disproportionately targets Asians? YOu condone your professor, who is supposed to represent a University populated with Asians,claim that having sex with foreigners has been a traditionally good thing for Thai women, when the truth is that they have no choice but to say yes when Ng (with such humor and charisma, I’m sure) waves his little thing in their face?

      That is really really sad.

  12. Josh Bricker Oct 9, 2010

    Did it ever occur to any of you no sense of humor, take themselves way too seriously, feminists that Prof. Ng’s defense was written tongue in cheek?

    If your IQ was a little higher and you weren’t so puffed up with your own self importance you would see that he is laughing at you all.

    1. Robin Witt Oct 10, 2010

      Omg, I’m so sorry that my IQ isn’t high enough to realize that human trafficking is so funny! Well, never mind, then! I’m sure all the women that have to suck his @$#$ to survive will agree and laugh right along with you.

      p.s. Men who are not feminists are NOT in any way attractive

  13. Emily C, Oct 9, 2010


    Just who do you think you’re fooling? Seriously?

    if you wanted to know what the fuss was all about you’d do a quick Google or YouTube search on Sex Tourism (which IS what you were promoting, many of us saw the site in question and it’s been immortalized in the LADN so again: who the hell do you think you’re fooling?) then you’d see what kind of an industry you were promoting with a website like yours. You would have come to the Forum on Human Trafficking held last Wednesday.

    But you obviously have done none of those things, so I will assume that means you are simply refusing to educate yourself until you can prove otherwise.

    Your website has helped no one except those who perpetuate a system that drags men, women, and children as young as 6 MONTHS into slavery. Yes, slavery. No, you might not be having sex with children that young, but you’re participating in a system that does. Your website promotes the exploitation of men, women and children in Thailand and it’s laughable that you think this is up for debate.

    These are people we’re talking about. They are human beings. They are not objects or commodities for sale. Quit back-peddling and sitting around with your hands over your ears; wake up and give a damn.

    And P.S. you weren’t invited to speak at the Forum, but all were welcome to come; the event wasn’t set up as a chance for you to redeem yourself but a chance to LEARN. Your chance to redeem yourself publicly is your own responsibility, not that of the people and Departments who worked so hard to stage an event to educate people about the disgusting you continue to promote and defend. So in addition to the above, please get over yourself as well.

  14. Student Activism Oct 9, 2010

    Here’s much more on the website content that Professor Ng would prefer you forgot:


  15. Robin Witt Oct 9, 2010

    “…and learned more about women’s issues in Asia than they get in a semester long women’s studies course at most universities.”

    “Marrying, dating, or becoming emotionally and/or sexually involved with foreigners is one the few open avenues to social and economic betterment for middle and lower class Thai women.”

    I’m GWS major and Asian Woman and I totally missed the course on how sleeping with Ng and others like him has a cultural tradition of improving my life. Does Ng really think that his boner is helping the plight of women in Asia? Really, Ng?

  16. Since when is the Sundial a spineless platform for Ng to publish on? No commentary by the reporter? What a shallow story.

    1. Kevin Oct 11, 2010

      the original story broke last semester. this is an opportunity for Ng to defend himself in print and give him a voice. the commentary from the reporter already came.

  17. Wow, in a time where good professors and instructors are being let go CSUN allows this individual to stay. It must be the worst nightmare for a college community that is for the furthering of the thinking creature. I am ashamed by this, not because I am female and have a disdain for objectification of women in general but because it is a slap in the face to individual rights and cultivates behaviors that really you just can’t find a rational for in this day and age.

  18. 310 Oct 9, 2010

    It’s obvious he’s full of bullshit. The only sad part is that he gets to keep his job. Something must be done about that. Hopefully he doesn’t remove anything incriminating this time from his blog. I seriously feel sorry for all the Thai/Asian girls that take his class. He probably sits there in class and sees price tags floating above their heads.

  19. Ashamed of CSUN Oct 8, 2010

    This man makes me sick and should be fired

    Site quote:
    “Other Thailand Nightlife Blogs blow a lot of smoke and frequently play fast and loose with the truth to promote their hidden agendas.

    Here we try to blow away the smokescreens other sites are blowing to obfuscate the truth.

    All to serve the higher purpose of getting laid better, cheaper, and more efficiently.”
    per http://bigbabykenny.com/?p=605

    Operated by:
    Professor Kenneth Ng
    California State University Northridge (CSUN)
    Los Angeles, California

  20. Prufrock Oct 6, 2010

    There is a great profile site of Professor Kenneth Ng here.


  21. Paul Owen Oct 6, 2010

    Kenneth Ng,

    Your backtracking here is a pathetic attempt to save yourself! I have one question for you, did you write this or not? Along with GPS coordinates where sex tourists could travel there?

    The difference between this street and a normal residential area is that the business is girls.

    Walk up to any of the houses and inquire or just walk down the street and each house’s residents will politely approach you. It is all very friendly and doesn’t resemble in any way the high pressure sales tactics of Reservation GoGo greeters.

    Each house has 3-6 girls who will happily sit down with you, drink with you, entertain you, go home with you or go inside to a short time room (more like a short time mat in the communal bedroom) with you.

    If you want a beer or whisky, they get it out of the family cooler (none of the houses I stopped at had a refrigerator) or, if you want something exotic like an imported beer, younger brother is given the money and runs to the nearest 7-11 and hoofs it back.

    It’s actually kind of creepy because while you are sitting out with the girls, mom, grandma, dad, brother, baby sister, second cousin, third cousin twice removed, and the family dogs are all sitting nearby surreptitiously watching and hoping little sister will come up with family get drunk money for the night. Needless to say, there is a lot of pressure for the girls to close the deal.

  22. Prufrock Oct 6, 2010

    There is a great profile site of Professor Kenneth Ng here.


  23. Thomas Enright Oct 6, 2010

    It is encouraging that in no less than five direct references to the website, the past tense is used. Clearly the writer himself acknowledges that the site, while still active, has passed its peak and is now in a permanent decline.

    Given the gross, willful misuse of the resources of the state university system (the site provably having been maintained on university time using university computers) it’s wholly appropriate that the professor’s career prospects have fallen to near nothing as well.

    Professor Ng’s bad judgement and worse value system effected nothing less than a betrayal of the trust of the California taxpayer, and the students and faculty of the state university system. And betrayal inevitably comes with a price.

    Given the Professor’s glib retorts, refusals to acknowledge his misconduct and apparent total lack of a conscience or moral center, no doubt he will further delude himself into thinking his fifteen minutes of fame were worth it.

  24. Haha Oct 6, 2010

    Professor of Sex Tours,

    The Nutty Professor (Ng), he’s such a joker. Of course his site was about sex tourism. Ya Ken, we git it. It wasn’t part of the organized sex tourism rings out of Japan, Korea, China, etc. Splittin hairs there are you? Ya

    Still your site did provide people with posts complete with GPS information on on where to go to find women (and in some instances underage girls) that you could then negotiate prices for sex.

    I bet some sex tourists out there find your Gulliver’s, Nana Plaza, Therma and Street Walker SuperMarket series as great how-to guides for their next trip to Thailand.

  25. Observe Oct 6, 2010

    Professor Ng in an effort at revisionism claims: “Instead, BigBabyKenny.com was about discussing and photographically documenting marriage, dating, love, and sex in Thailand and Asia—The Thailand Girl Scene in BigBabyKenny.com speak.”

    Fortunately, the real purpose of BigBabyKenny.com has been well documented by the first to break the news, the LA Daily News:


    “The site offered a wide range of reviews and tourism advice about Thailand, but its main focus was on how to meet women in bars, including how to negotiate prices for sex. As Ng phrased it on the site: [B]”Learn how to get banged better, cheaper, and more efficiently in the Thailand Girl Scene.””[/B]

    Learning how to get banged better, cheaper, and more efficiently (in BigBabyKenny speak) certainly doesn’t sound like a documentary effort on dating, love and marriage, as Prof. Ng tries to white wash it.

    Nice try, though.

  26. Kevin Oct 6, 2010

    Trying to justify your work on the “girl scene” by claiming “that’s just the way it is there” (paraphrased) is nearly the same mindset for those that fought to keep slavery alive and well. Longstanding traditions of oppression, hate and exploitation do not make something ok just because “Thai women have a long tradition of finding happiness and improved lifestyles through marrying, dating, and having consensual and, sometimes, commercial sex with foreigners.”

    Perpetuating the exploitation of Thai women by their cultural values and the government through “photojournalism” and discussions is all you were doing. Sex tours may have never been discussed, but it is hard to believe that visitors came to your site to feel sorry for these women and be educated about their plight.

    Kenneth, you are no Jane Austen. People do not come to you to learn about the plight of women. Students do not study your work in schools all over the world. Faceless individuals at a keyboard flock to your site to learn different ways to play the game to make their next trip “worthwhile.”

    Does anybody else see anything wrong with the fact that Big Baby has a site about “women’s lives in poor Asian countries” then goes on to describe the content as “hugely entertaining, engaging and funny?” Thai women are kept down in the rigid class system and are forced to make due by having sex with tourists. Hilarious.

    1. Dorian Oct 11, 2010

      since there is no AGREE or LIKE btton. i completely agreewith this comment.

  27. Big Black Gulliver Oct 6, 2010

    So it was a great research project all your trips to Thailand?

    1. csun student Oct 9, 2010

      Dr. Ng,

      A man of your status in this “normally free market for ideas and opinions.”

      Your website has not only had set back the progress of human rights with little consideration of the negative impact that sex tourism has on the life quality of women in thailand. You are also an irresponsible coward who failed to reflect on all the negative honest feedbacks that the “mainstream press” has pressured you to take down your “hugely entertaining, engaging, and funny” articles and discussion.

      If it is truly the positive aspect of your website that is drawing the attention, you will be invited to talk shows, press interview, to PROMO your website – not being “pressured” to take contents down.

      THINK about it.

      You make my school looks bad, and I am ASHAME for you.

      But then, of course, you are not going to read this. my little comment is not going to change your indifferent and arrogant attitude. I just hope you might find the space to truly reflect on this incident and… hopefully truly understand the direction that your website was truly taking.

      – furious csun student.

      1. Dorian Oct 11, 2010


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