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The iPad coming to university campuses?


Do you want to be part of a university program where you are given or loaned an iPad to utilize for your education for free?

If you attend schools such as Duke University, Oklahoma State, or the University of Maryland, you can—well, some at least some of you—according to foxnews.com.

The Apple store, which already offers thousands of applications to help students, allows students to take notes, keep track of assignments, or study for exams, according to www.apple.com. The store also offers applications for teachers so they may remain organized while giving lessons and monitoring their students’ progress.

While more than 3.2 million iPads have been purchased, according to Apple, there is tentativeness when it comes to integrating the product with education.

A representative of Duke’s Office of Informational Technology told Foxnews.com, “professors are generally enthusiastic about the devices for certain purposes, but they’re investigating their use in instruction.”

Duke’s pilot program to integrate iPads inside the classroom is receiving mixed results from students.

One Duke professor told Foxnews.com that utilizing the iPad in the class makes him “break away from text-dominated lectures to more media-sensitive teaching.”

While I myself am a fan of pencil and paper, I certainly wouldn’t complain about being chosen for an iPad pilot program. I’m sure many other CSUN students would agree.


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  1. Kevin Oct 4, 2010

    As an iPad owner and journalism student here at CSUN, let me tell you that the thing is amazing. From taking notes to keeping track of assignments, due dates and more, as well as being able to access and participate in Moodle classes online is well worth the price for any student. If and when Flash is able to run on the iPad, I think it will become a must-have for students in all disciplines. The apps for news outlets bring up to the second content straight to you. Not only can you take notes, but you can write reports with Pages, make presentations with Keynote and keep track of your budgets on Numbers.

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