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Go F#*% yourself, LA is No. 1


The City of Angels’ cherubic face has been given a black eye.

In a 2010 survey conducted by “Travel & Leisure” magazine that questioned residents and visitors alike, 35 US cities were ranked in various categories and Los Angeles was judged to be the rudest.

Being a native Angeleno, it comes as a shock and disappointment that our city is considered rude, and at that, the rudest.

I would think New York, with its ruthless cab drivers and fast-paced residents would be the ranking champion. It did rank in the top five, along with Miami, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. rounding out the list.

As I learned of this, I began to search the Internet for what people were saying and after reading some of the comments, that came from both LA’s residents and visitors, the survey seemed to be partially accurate. I can honestly say that I have found myself possibly being a little rude or impatient, but who hasn’t?

It’s impossible to go a day here without listening to someone complaining about the traffic and that was the deciding factor in the survey. To varying degrees, road rage is in all of us, and if it’s apparent to residents of LA then you can bet that it’s apparent to visitors. The fleeting and coarse encounter with a fellow motorist is an LA staple.

Drivers feel armored in their cars, anonymous, and in this city of sprawling roadways, there is little reason not to exercise your most colorful language on the guy who doesn’t drive as fast as you.

And it’s easy to get lost in this city. One minute you are in Downtown LA and the next thing you know you are in Westwood. Each section of LA is unique and who is to say the person you just asked for directions wasn’t a visitor who was ashamed to sound dumb because they too were lost?

Our city has become so accustomed to living in the fast lane that the very thought of having to slow down gets our hearts pumping with anger and our fists ready to smack the next person who dares to order a venti skinny macchiato with a double shot of this, no foam, blah, blah, blah.

Maybe at times we are too quick to judge or react, but this doesn’t mean that all Angelenos are alike. LA is such a large and diverse city it is impossible to judge us all equally.

As Angelenos, this survey should be an eye-opener, we are named the City of Angels for a reason. We could learn a lesson from this survey but I suppose we can take it with a grain of salt and make some margaritas.


  1. Shah Feb 2, 2011

    In “defense” of LA. It is not that LA is more rude. It is that people who live in dense choked suburbian places are rude. I dont care if it’s Long Island, West of Philly, North of DC, North Hollywood (florida), the many suburbs of Harris County, or of Dallas-Ft. Worth… people who live in car-dependent places AND rely on a big city for employment have a much higher stress value which translates to rudeness. Therefore, it is only b/c LA is largely dense suburbia that it gets that high mark for rudeness but the truth is ALL suburbian areas dependent on a major city (i.e. above 1.5 million) will be nonetheless rude.

  2. Peabody3000 Jan 31, 2011

    im an angeleno and everywhere i go i see an undercurrent of some kind of rage. it often seems like nearly everyone is ready to snap, and just looking for an excuse. that goes for the police, the yuppies, the soccer moms, the academics, the burger flippers, and everyone else. i travel a lot and my hunger to permanently escape this mire of bad vibes is growing by the day

  3. Luis Lopez Jan 31, 2011

    I have lived in LA since 1992 and this has got to be the most uptight and “whacky” place in the planet. Period. The funny thing is that the things it is supposedly “known” for are often the opposite: You want sex crazed humans? Go to the South. Anywhere in the South. Want “laid back, not a care in the world” mentality? You may as well go to Seattle, Hawaii or the coastal south.

    Want to have valet parking shoved down your throat even at suermarkets? Come to LA.
    Want the meet the most insolent, superficial teenagers west of the Jersey Shore? Come to LA.
    Want the see the most sorry collection of “hyped” foodie restaurants known to man? Come to LA.
    Want the highest rent for living in of the most average neighborhoods to be found? Come to LA.
    Want to spend 250$ a month in gas? Come to LA.
    Want to feel like even for a hardcore liberal a city can be right down annoying. Go to Santa Monica.

    The place is noisy, the chicks are not that hot, Hollywood is still a garbage dump and half of it is Chinese.


    Best food trucks ANYWHERE.
    Best legal Marijuana ANYWHERE.
    Best sushi east of Tokyo. ANYWHERE.
    Best Mexican food in the US. Period.
    LOWEST murder rate since 1968.
    Best place to buy “anything” second hand ANYWHERE.
    Only place where you can get cussed in Chinarmenian.

    1. Anonymous Jan 31, 2011

      Yeah, our thrift stores are awesome. “Chinarmenian”- Hahahahahahahahaha

  4. Kip Jan 31, 2011

    I’ve noticed too that its the people who can’t make it in LA who go back to their home states and whine about LA. I’m an LA native – lived here most of my life, and I thank G-d every day that this is my home. I LOVE LA. Love the beautiful weather, love the beautiful happy people, love our beautiful beaches. Yes there are some drawbacks –like the bitter transplants, but you can generally spot them from a distance and avoid them (except on the freeway, unfortunately)

  5. Colabugh Jan 31, 2011

    I also grew up and live in LA, but travel often. I’ve seen rudeness and courtesy all over the world including LA, but over all the survey seems to have it right. There is no better example than the first voice you hear at the Arrival terminal of LAX. Airports in London, Paris, Tokyo, etc all have pleasant welcoming staff as you first exit the plane. In LA, you hear a loud, annoyed, unhappy staff person as your first welcome voice. What a lovely first impression for firs timers. It wasn’t always this way. LA can be better.

    1. Anonymous Jan 31, 2011

      Colabugh- I agree with your sentiment. I do. I have traveled and lived elsewhere, but LAX is damned intimidating.

  6. Rufus Jan 31, 2011

    I was born and raised in L.A. but now live comfortably outside in Las Vegas. The poll is accurate because its impossible not to be rude and irritated when living there because every 3 seconds another transplant moves in with delusions of grandeur thinking that they will get famous soon as they get there. There is always too much traffic, everything is too crowded and everything is over priced. That kind of thing makes you unpleasant to be around. Why not bail and come live in Vegas where you can make good money and buy a house for $250,000 that would cost $1.5 million in LA? On second thought, maybe they can just stay there….

  7. LaLover Jan 31, 2011

    I personally Don’t care if were considered the rudest city. Everyother city in the world wishes that they had our weather culture and everything else that makes La. One of the things that bothered me about this article was the expression Angelino. Im sorry but as a socal local who has spent years abroad and is proud to live in La has never been more asshamed of the people I live with for making up a nick make like Angelino. Lets all do ourselves a favor and never use that name to describe ourselves again. For the sake of everything that is La worthy lets just forget this nickname was never conjoured up in the first place. The last thing i want to be called next time
    Im in london is an Angelino. Any self respecting Demigod living in La would agree. Lets face it, to the rest of the world california, La specifically mite as well be mount olypmous. Travel anywhere around the world for as long as your want and come back home to La and tell me im wrong. So what if were the rudest city were still the entertainment capitol of the world. Were to busy to stop and care about our road edicit. If you want to live in La you need to learn how to drive is u want to survive. Seriously don’t put your make up one in your car or try to finish an email u started before u got in your car. Get fro point a to point b quickley and painlessly and La will treat u alright, and don’t call people you see on the street angelio’s you will get your ass beat. :)

    1. Anonymous Jan 31, 2011

      It is ANGELENO. And it is what we natives ARE.

      1. Gagme Jan 31, 2011

        Why are you so angry? Talk about rude!

        1. Anonymous Feb 1, 2011

          I am angry. If you grew up here, you’d be angry, too.

  8. Brad Jan 31, 2011

    As someone who has lived in Philadelphia, NYC, DC, and Los Angeles, and London, I think the poll sounds about right.

    The big difference between east coast and west coast cities is that in NY (for example), you know everyone in your neighborhood, and that makes it really friendly (among neighbors, at least)… maybe it’s because you walk a lot in NY and get to know people.

    In LA, everyone drives *everywhere* (because you *can’t* walk, even if you wanted to). Nobody knows their neighbors, no one makes an effort. That, and I’ve noticed LA/OC people have to be the most self-absorbed people on the planet. The only sure fire way to engage in conversation here is to ask people about themselves, and let them tell you their life story.

    Another funny point is that Californians are raised to believe (I know, my kids get brainwashed in school) that California is the greatest place on earth, and being born here somehow makes you better than everyone else. Ironically, the people who voice this opinion the loudest are the ones that never lived anywhere else. I think that’s coming through in the comments, above.

    Lastly, when New Yorkers are called “rude”, they just smile and say “so what?”. Only in LA (the land of perfection) do they whine and complain about it. Man up and admit it. You’re rude.

    1. Anonymous Jan 31, 2011

      That is absolute crap. Brad. I’ve lived ALL over. I was not brought up to believe that California is the best place in the world. I have grown up believing that California is the most contentious, polluted, potentially deadly place to live. I never grew up thinking we were better than anyone else, I grew up thinking that our political voice means nothing in this country. I grew up with gang violence, corrupt police, DRUGS and the abuse of illegal immigrants.
      I know ALL of my neighbors, in every neighborhood I have ever lived in this state. I know my local grocers, city council members, community board members, etc. I also volunteer EXTENSIVELY thoughout this city… So maybe it is just YOU.
      You don’t know your neighbors and you have children and it is EVERYONE ELSE that is self-absorbed? Sounds like YOU need to get over yourself.

      1. Anonymous Jan 31, 2011

        Also- I walk and use public transportation every single day. My neighborhood is extremely walkable and bikes are everywhere. Because of the sprawl here and our LACK of funding for public transportation having a car is a necessity.

        1. John Swan Jan 31, 2011

          Please. I also have lived inside and outside the US, including NYC and DC. Although currently in LA, it would not even make it my top 5 of best cities to live in US. Los Angeles is not even the best city in California, SF and the surrounding areas are.

          Brad is spot on. People tend to be flaky and self-absorbed. Beaches are far over-rated (far better beaches on Long Island and Hawaii). Drinking water quality is relatively poor, air quality even worse (although both improving since the 80s). Laughable public transportation. Outside of the entertainment industry, LA is not the US leader in any industry. Not finance, banking, pharmaceuticals, tech, art, fashion, publishing,etc. There is a reason for that.

          The strongest attribute of living here is the weather, which if important to a person is hard to beat anywhere else in the US, and the relative proximity to outdoor activities (e.g., hiking, surfing, skiing). When you combine the crowd, the sprawl (LA is not really a city, just one big suburb. A dirtier, crowded version of Anaheim.), the gangs, the high tax rates, high cost of living, relatively poor public schools, it is laughable that anyone thinks that LA (or California) is better than other places to live. It is a sign that person has never lived any place else.

          1. Anonymous Jan 31, 2011

            It isn’t better than anywhere else, for sure. This city has PROBLEMS. But for some of us, it is HOME.

          2. John Swan Jan 31, 2011

            I agree with you darcieb. What a person considers home (with friends and family) makes all the difference in the world. It is why some people will still live and love Detroit, even if they might agree that LA is a nicer place to live. Not the point I thought we were discussing.,

          3. Anonymous Jan 31, 2011

            The point I was discussing is that well, dealing with a city full of industry people, crime, earthquakes, fires, mudslides, traffic, high costs of living, third largest unemployment rate in the country, pollution, corruption, failing schools, lack of public transport, higher than average gas prices, shrinking green spaces, drugs, riots, abuses of civil rights and exploitation of immigrants… AND a boatload of people from other places who come here to bitch about how much better it is wherever the hell they were originally from; yet continue to suck up the resources… ugh! Its enough to make anyone rude. :)

          4. Anonymous Jan 31, 2011

            That said, after my first nor’easter experience living on the east coast… I was more than happy to put up with our many, many, many controversies and difficulties, here.

          5. John Swan Jan 31, 2011

            Your last comment is what I most find typical of people who call LA home, whether they are natives or transplants. Regardless of all the negative crap and the inferior parts of LA (some of which you pointed out), nice weather is important to them , so that’s why they are here. If that is the case with you, then you are in the right city.

            Nevertheless, no surprise LA is the rudest city which was the point of the article (although personally I would have put DC or Philly slightly ahead of LA).

          6. Anonymous Jan 31, 2011

            That was my point, John- I just think this city takes a lot of crap. I do think there are far more rude places in this country. Portland- ugh. Those people are horrible… but they are all transplants, too.

          7. Anonymous Jan 31, 2011

            Also- when you grow up here.. weather wise- we are just spoiled in certain regards. Although we have our extremes, too- we’re just used to it. Having said that, when I lived in Seattle- I couldn’t get used to the clean air. :)

          8. John Swan Jan 31, 2011

            I agree, I also think there are cities that could be considered just as rude or ruder than LA.

            There might be places with better air (e.g., Seattle) and more sunshine (e.g., Boulder) but it is hard to beat the weather here overall, regardless of the occasional earthquake/mudslide. Easy to get spoiled, especially if you grew up here.

          9. Anonymous Jan 31, 2011

            Yeah- it is easy. However, what I noticed is that our daily temperature swing- sometimes 40 degrees in a day can freak out even the most seasoned Minnesotan. :) I live for that cool off at night, but I watch my visitors (my friends from Germany a few weeks ago) freeze and bundle up. After awhile we get used to it.

      2. Dingus Jan 31, 2011

        You are not representing “normal” L.A. people. I lived there my whole life and I have never, ever met anyone who lives up to the claims you make. Maybe you should run for Senate. Can you levitate and create free energy as well?

        1. Anonymous Jan 31, 2011

          Really? Try catching a subway train in the morning- each car is filled to capacity. Lives up to what claims… that my neighborhood is walkable? You can look up any neighborhood on the walk score index and see for yourself. Sounds like you’re just lazy.

  9. Foo Jan 31, 2011

    I think the comments from native Angelinos are proving a point. Unfortunately, not the one they support.

    1. Anonymous Jan 31, 2011

      Spoken like a true transplant.

  10. Flakca Jan 31, 2011

    I guess whoever did the survey left the O.C. out.

    1. Chuck Jan 31, 2011

      I found that the folks in San Bernardino are friendly…cause they don’t know better.

  11. James Jan 31, 2011

    Another B.S. poll that is not only skewed and biased, but highly inaccurate. I’d venture to guess that the “tourists” queried were the drones who visit Hollywood & Vine thinking they’ll see Brad and Angelina walking the kids or Jack Nicholson cruising in his Bentley, as well as “transplants” who moved here from upper-suburban Chicago, New York or Minneapolis and only live in their little enclaves in Studio City, Santa Monica, or Culver City. There’s more to L.A. than the entertainment industry and the self-appointed Angelenos who aren’t even from California.

  12. Anonymous Jan 31, 2011

    However, I must say, as a native- I got NO PROBLEM with immigrants. I’ll stand in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with a torch, no problem. It is everyone from every other state who comes here thinking they are TOTALLY GOING TO MAKE IT! Those people screw it up for everyone.

  13. Anonymous Jan 31, 2011

    Yeah, I am a native Angeleno, too. I don’t want to sound xenophobic- but it is all the damned transplants from places like NYC that throw this survey off. Every New Yorker I know (who still resides in NYC) always gives me crap for LA’s hippie dippie rep and I have to correct them- and tell them that the majority of granola crunchy, vegan, organic hippies here- originally hail from….. NEW YORK!! They send all of their hippies HERE! And our hippies aren’t so friendly. They will go up to a stranger at a park and chastise her for bottle feeding. Seriously. Ugh. Send them all back. Everywhere else in the country is allowed or known for being xenophobic (try visiting Portland as an Angeleno) so, why can’t we? Native Angelenos UNITE!

    1. Guest Jan 31, 2011

      james, darcieb, sounds like you two are bigots…i have lived here all my life and i have travelled to many citites in the US and abroad…LA is one of the rudest…i could never count the times i have held open doors for a “native angeleno” who disregard me as nothing more than a bell hop or when i let others ease out in front of me while driving without so much a glance, gesture, or wave of appreciation…being half american indian why dont you go back to where your parents came from…LA has a lot of very rude people…the article is accurate.

      1. Anonymous Jan 31, 2011

        You knew that they were native Angelenos? or is that an assumption? Ha ha- know who you are talking to, “guest” – you don’t know my ethnic background- so you are barking up the wrong tree- BIGOT.

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