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MTV’s ‘Skins’ reveals too much


MTV’s new series “Skins” is a pedophile’s wet dream and parent’s nightmare, reinforcing in teens deviant behavior which they might confuse as a mainstream ideal. The title derives from the rolling papers used for blunts and the show is laced with sexually promiscuous, pill-popping, alcoholic teens who brush off molestation as if it was an everyday occurrence.

“Skins” is a dangerous societal infection needing a just remedy.

“Gossip Girl,” “90210” and “Jersey Shore” clearly have had shock value moments, but these shows play by the 18 and over rule rather than salaciously exploiting underage actors.

Unlike “Skins,” none have had a 17-year-old actor taking an unknown amount of erectile dysfunction pills and glorifying the effects with close-ups shots of a male’s privates.

None of those shows knowingly encouraged pedophiles to act upon their desires.

In episode one, actor Daniel Flaherty’s character goes to a drug dealer’s house to get an ounce of marijuana on credit to sell at a rich girl’s party.

The drug dealer wasn’t too pleased with Flaherty asking for the drug on credit so he took payment by other graphic means.

He ran his hand down Flaherty’s chest and hovered above his groin before the gray-haired adult grabbed the teenager’s genitals.

The drug dealer then arose from the couch and tossed four ounces of marijuana to Flaherty, whose reaction was nonchalant and quite accepting for being molested.

According to Nielsen, MTV’s key demographic ages are between 12 and 34, yet “Skins” is TV-MA and involves some actors who aren’t old enough to watch the show they star in.

For example, Eleanor Zichy turned 15 during filming and Jesse Carere is 17.

In light of this, the Parents Television Council, a TV watchdog group, is urging U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate the series for violating child pornography laws.

Advertisers such as General Motors, Foot Locker and Taco Bell have pulled ads after being targeted by the council.

It seems advertisers can be socially responsible so why can’t MTV?

What it comes down to is a network’s profit motive feeding garbage to impressionable minds by preying on their vulnerable sense of self.

Perhaps filming the show in Toronto justifies the obscenities since it wasn’t taped on American soil, which MTV probably knew would be absolute grounds for pandering child pornography.

One main problem is how easily accessible this lewd show is and who is watching it.

MTV did remove the controversial second episode from its website, but this doesn’t change the accessibility.  The episode is available through other sites on the Internet, acting as bait to MTV’s hook used to snag its audience, including those who are too young to grasp adult concepts.

“Skins” over-represents teenage sexuality, drugs and alcohol use and above all, the idea pedophilia is acceptable to young people.

MTV needs to wrap a blanket of social responsibility around a program that takes advantage of American youth.


  1. I swear…about the only programming that MTV can even come up with anymore wraps around this story line: “act like a raging fool and have sex with as many people around you as you can and then talk crap about everybody”.

  2. guest Feb 25, 2011

    perhaps you would like to look up the meaning of paedophilia, the skins actor are actually old enough to be paedophiles themselves

  3. Hjb Feb 24, 2011

    i love this show, its what teenagers go threw, not that glee crap

    1. … To paraphrase Joni Mitchell, we have a doomed Generation. The boys are weak and the girls are aggressive to the point of ugly. They have been abandoned to a virtual reality, shows like this give unprepared youth the belief that life is pornagraphic , and that Vice is Chic. I can’t believe I am going to say it but the sky might actually be falling.

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