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What’s with the ‘birther’ battle?


Recently the “birther” movement has been given a big push back into the spotlight with their new spokesperson Donald Trump.  But what is up with the birther movement in the first place, hasn’t that issue been laid to rest yet?
For those who don’t know, a birther is a person who does not believe that President Barack Obama was born in the United States.  They demand that Obama produce and make public a copy of his birth certificate.
Obama has produced a certificate of live birth from Hawaii with the official seal, the Republican governor of Hawaii has said it is a non-issue and there is official record of his birth. There are also people who remember the president’s parents and his birth.
Why should the president be forced to produce his actual birth certificate?  No other president in history has had to do this.  Do the birthers have a legitimate argument or are they simply trying to divert the attention from more pressing issues?


  1. Anonymous Apr 20, 2011

    See the video Certification of Live Birth v. Birth Certificate


    FactCheck.org, says” FactCheck.org staffers have now seen, touched, examined and photographed the original birth certificate.”
    We conclude that it meets all of the requirements from the State Department for proving U.S. citizenship. ”

    Then where are the photos of the “original birth certificate”?

    Why did FactCheck.org only post a “prima facie copy”?

    Can you accept the truth that FactCheck.org has committed wire fraud by implying they posted the original, while posting a “prima facie copy”?

  2. Anonymous Apr 19, 2011

    If anything, the birther movement got its first boost when Barack Obama released a standard Hawaiian birth certificate back in 2008. Once a conspiracy theory takes hold, any new evidence just shows them how deep the conspiracy goes. Just read comments over the last few days on the Internet about how Hawaii Department of Health officials are criminals and liars, ALL 50 secretaries of state were afraid to oppose Obama’s placement on their state ballots, untold millions are being spent on legal fees sealing records, federal judges are traitors, and the mainstream media is launching an unprecedented disinformation campaign to marginalize the questions. Did I mention that FEMA is preparing to ship all the birthers off to concentration camps?

    Nothing is going to satisfy those people. Dr. Fukino has already said in a recent NBC interview that Obama’s original long form birth certificate is safely stored in a bound volume on the first floor of the Hawaii Department of Health. She’s looked at it TWICE and it is signed by a doctor. Exactly what else is there? There isn’t anything else except the demands of some who frankly have lost touch with their senses and others, like WorldNetDaily who make money by fanning the flames.

    There is nothing Obama, or anyone else, can do to settle the birther issue. It has a life of its own living in a world of its own.

  3. Jef Ben Apr 19, 2011

    All I want Obama to say is what hospital he was born in. For those people who say he was born here, I highly doubt they know what hospital in Hawaii he was born in. When a guy like him pays $2 million in legal fees to prevent the certificate from being released, it raises serious questions especially if he makes $1.8 million a year. That’s a lot of money he spent. There must be a lot at stake, huh?

  4. “Why should the president be forced to produce his actual birth certificate?”

    He shouldn’t be “forced”; he should do it to put the issue to bed. Why doesn’t he? Who knows, but I’m going to suggest that he believes that the controversy provides him support. He can use the “birther issue” to demonize his opponents. That’s my conspiracy theory and I’m stickin’ to it! ;-)

  5. Anonymous Apr 19, 2011

    f you were born in Hawaii and request a birth certificate you would be provided the same form Obama was. Hawaii officials have said if he were so inclined Obama could go the Department of Health and physical view the hospital form but he could not photograph it. Current law does not allow you to get a photocopy of the document used (the hospital form) to generate the Birth Certificate Hawaii gives you. The question shouldn’t be if Obama was born here, he was. It should be why doesn’t Hawaiian law permit you to get a photocopy of the hospital form.

    As far as Trump everything he says about this issue is a lie. Grandma in Kenya says he was born in Kenya? Lie. No one remembers Obama? Lie. His Hawaiin grandparents could have place the birth announcement so Obama could be a US citizen? Lie (the state health department placed those announcement and his mother was a US citizen which make him one too). The document Obama produced is easy to get and not a birth certificate? Lie. There is no document # or signiture on Obama’s birth certificate? Lie. There’s a family dispute about which hospital Obama was born in? Lie. Seriously, everything thing Trump says about this is a flat out lie. I’m beginning to think everything he says about everything is BS. He’s seriously considering running for President? I’m betting that’s a lie too.

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