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California Dream Act inches closer to reality


Students who meet in-state tuition requirements are closer to getting financial aid.

The bill is on its way to the governor’s desk. AB 130 was passed by the state assembly and is now moving to the senate. Its companion bill, AB 131, has been put into suspension.

AB 130, authored by Assemblymember Gil Cedillo, states undocumented students would receive “specified financial aid programs administered by California’s public colleges and universities,” according to Cedillo’s website.

Conrado Terrazas, communications deputy for Cedillo, said the main goal is to help the economy.

“If you have these students graduate from college and get a master’s or a Ph.D. or a B.A., they’re going be able to contribute to the economy,” Terrazas said.

He added that would also help the students.

“These are the best (students).  Kids who have done well in high school and they have applied and been accept to college,” Terrazas said. “This should not prevent them from being able to succeed.”

He added that students who would normally receive a scholarship and complete the process of meeting the requirement would benefit.

“The only thing preventing those students from receiving that is the fact that they’re undocumented,” Terrazas said.

Terrazas said the deadline for all bills to be given and pushed to the governor’s desk is Sept. 9.

“Then he has until Oct. 9 to sign,” Terrazas said.

Terrazas added AB 130 pertains to private scholarships from businesses or corporations.

“AB 131, which covers Cal grants, institutional aid and Board of Governors (BOGC) fee waivers for community colleges,” Terrazas said.

AB 131 is now in suspension and chair of Assembly Appropriations Committee, Felipe Fuentes and the head of the budget committee Bob Blumenfield will decide if it will be released.

“It needs to be voted by the appropriations committee by the end May or it would die,” Terrazas said.

Terrazas said Gov. Jerry Brown said he supported the Dream Act in a debate last fall.

Erik Fallis, CSU media specialist, said the system has always been a long time supporter of this type of legislature.

“We are an institution built on access. We believe in providing broad access to higher education,” Fallis said.

He added the CSU believes it’s “important” for the most amounts of people to have access to higher education.

“To better themselves, to better their lives and to have access to a bright economic future,” Fallis said.

Fallis said this legislation will help to “generate prosperity for their community.”

Fallis said allowing more access to the CSUs would help the entire state.

He said another consideration when it comes to this bill is the number of students it would affect in the CSU.

“We’re talking about a small population,” Fallis said. “Its much less than 1 percent. We are not talking about a huge number of people.”

“There are so many positive benefits not only for the individual but for society as a whole,” Fallis said.

Javiera Infante is one of the founding member of the San Fernando Valley Dream Team.

“I started organizing in January and the group has grown to 10 very active members,” Infante said. “This is a pretty good base for the time being.”

She said the organization was “very excited” about the passage of AB 130.

“We were very confident it was going to pass because it’s the easier half of the California Dream Act,” Infante said. “So we were very sure we weren’t going to have a problem.”

Infante said it is “crucial” to get AB 131 out of suspension and onto the Assembly floor.

“We need that financial aid the state can provide for us,” Infante said. “Having the private scholarships is a great help and we’re very happy about that but most important is having access to the state-funded help.”

Infante said the Dream Team is holding a town hall May 14 at Mary Immaculate Church in Pacoima to inform the community of the Dream Act.

“Fuentes represents a large portion of the valley,” Infante said. “We want people to know he has the power to move the bill out of appropriations.”



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  1. csun_student May 16, 2011

    After reading all these comments, I’m shocked. What is this world coming to? 
    this is a humanitarian issue. You can’t blame these students for being “illegal”.
    Some of them don’t even speak their native language. 

    You are worried that they will take your spot at a university?
    STUDY HARD, spots at universities are given to those who apply themselves. 
    I’m tired of hearing american citizens believe they are entitled to privileges for simply being born in this country. 
    You and a person who was brought here at 2 years old, are not very different. 
    they are not asking for this because they believe America owes them anything, they ask for it because its a struggle for them. 
    Life is a struggle for many undocumented students in ways you will never imagine. 
    So the government stepping up and doing the right thing and allowing students who were brought here not by their own choice have access to SCHOLARSHIPS is fair game. 

    We all want to realize our dreams, and competition will always be a part of life. Learn to deal with it. rather than stepping over others to get to the finish line faster. Play your cards right. Study hard, and you will accomplish a lot…anyone can.
    Undocumented students only make up 1-2% of the students in Cal states and UC’s. And supporting their dream won’t affect you at all. 
    You will still be able to get internships everywhere, they can’t, you will still be able to get a good real job, which they can’t. You will still be able to drive, while they can’t even get a license, you will still be able to have your credit cards, they can’t apply to any, and you will still be able to travel to any country in the world, which they can’t. 
    and remember they are people just like you, living in the only country they consider home, but with a whole lot of limitations. 

    Have a good night everyone. 

    1. Vlad May 16, 2011


      Respect. I am appreciative of your reasoned, and passionate post.

      While it is easy to look at “your” group with empathy, the challenge comes in that too many “groups” have been promised “free sh*t”

      Since the New Deal, and Social Security, Progressive Democrats have come to understand that their staying in POWER was a direct result of the “enslavement” of constituency groups. Social Security, Medicare, Medical, Food Stamps, Unemployment, Welfare, Education, Healthcare, etc.

      America’s greatness, as you allude, is in the embrace of previous generation(s) of immigrants who came here to achieve and to contribrute to building a life for themselves, and their families, and to help build America.  Through no fault of your own, again, society has been structured away from producers, and towards takers (again, not just you).

      The greatness of our country, is primarily the result of two things: 1) Constitutional protections (i.e. the Rule of Law), which includes the “protection of private propety” and as a result 2) Free Market Capitalism.

      Social Justice. Spreading the Wealth. Equality of Results(not opportunity) are tenets of Marxism/Socialsimm, and in America’s case “PROGRESSIVISM”

      Progressive Democrats want you as a “voting bloc” as they wanted the black “voting bloc” before you.  The “free sh*t” that they promised blacks, has enslaved them to, primarily misery and despair. (47% of Detroit citizens are functionally illiterate)

      If “undocumented workers” would embrace Conservativism/Republicanism and willingly forego “the free sh*t”, I would support your cause, in a heartbeat. 

      We are at the precipice.  When more voters take from society, than contribute to society, then America as we’ve known it, is doomed.

      I “truly” wish you all(individually) the best of luck.

      Peace, out!


  2. L May 13, 2011

    There are so many students of families which have been legal residents of this country for many generations.  They, too, want to be able to realize their college dreams, but are already being turned away because there are too many applicants.  Then, you have the case of non-resident fees being charged of them for attending a school outside of their state.  How is it in any way fair to allow people who are not here legally to “cut in line” and take the much sought after spaces, and pay lower “resident” fees, while once again pushing aside the legal residents in the process?  Also, those here legally would be in competition with even more applicants for the limited number of student grants and financial aid packages available in these rough economic times.  So, the legal residents would get crowded out of those as well.  In addition, IT IS STILL AGAINST THE LAW TO HIRE AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT, even after they have a college education.

  3. Vlad May 12, 2011

    You realize, right, that you’re just the latest group to be “duped” by the Democratic Party.

    They could care less about you, beyond their manipulating you as a voting bloc.

    In this regard, you’re no different than the previous generation of “blacks” that they courted for their votes. How’s that workin out for that group? Have you seen the stat’s out of Detroit – 47% of citizens are functionally illiterate.

    1) They promise you “free sh*t”
    2) In appreciation you vote them into power.
    3) they implement “programs” to help you.
    4) Those programs, while well-meaning, don’t prepare you to compete.
    5) In failure, you then look to the government to provide for you.

    Doesn’t that make “the State” a plantation? What does that make you?

    Wash – rinse – repeat.

    Useful idiota’s


  4. Vlad May 12, 2011

    Perfect! Another favored “entitlement class”

    I don’t fault anyone the desire to pursue opportunity to; Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. But, America, perpetrated by the Progressive Elite “ruling class” have created a society of groups seeking “theirs.”

    Illegal Immigrants are just the latest group convinced that society owes them. Politicians promising “free sh*t” are heroes and lauded for their generosity. When the Bill comes due, they are long gone, or place the blame of unsustainability on those that are left to figure out how to cover the shortfall.

    We’re broke! As Statism grows, resources are drained from the “marketplace.” You may have a degree, That will serve you well, as you make change at the corner McDonalds.

    Useful Idiota’s.

    Peace, out!


  5. “Conrado Terrazas, communications deputy for Cedillo, said the main goal is to help the economy.”

    This is about the biggest bunch of BS I’ve heard recently from a politician. This is about making illegals as “legal” as can be without truly being legal, and using my tax dollars to help them break federal law by working here.

  6. catastic May 12, 2011

    We need that financial aid the state can provide for us,” Infante said.
    “Having the private scholarships is a great help and we’re very happy
    about that but most important is having access to the state-funded

    you got to be sh**ing me. These illegals should be grateful that they are going to receive institutional aid. Now they want state aid? ungrateful scumbags

  7. mike May 12, 2011

    I am loving this! Anything that promotes education should be supported.

  8. Robert Emery May 11, 2011

    me, but I thought California was bankrupt. The State is implementing
    deep cuts in funding for schools and students yet placing those who
    shouldn’t be here above American Citizens.

    1. Engineer May 11, 2011

      They don’t get a free ride because they don’t get state or government issued aid. Use that brain of yours and read the facts. It’s just scholarships. I’m an engineer an I support the dream act for these kids! most of our Americans don’t want to work hard enough and they just think they are automatically entitled to things. No way! This is to who ever works hardest!

      1. catastic May 12, 2011

        Go attend an economics class before you make your baseless claims. True, most American students don’t work their hardest in school and I admit that they think they are entitled to everything, but lets not forget that these illegals also believe that our country owes them something. They always say that we “stole their land” and whatnot. These illegal kids feel they are entitled to everything just because they “just come for a better life”

        complete rubbish

    2. Manuel Perez May 11, 2011

      If they pay taxes i’s only fair they receive financial aid. They will have to show tax forms to determine family income.

  9. Get some May 11, 2011

    “The only thing preventing those students from receiving that is the fact that they’re undocumented,”

    So we should reward them with a free ride for being ILLEGAL? Seriously, this state makes me sick sometimes.

    1. Manuel Perez May 11, 2011

      They won’t be rewarded for that, they will be rewarded for their scholastic achievements. State aid is little aid, it is not federal aid, it is not a full ride at all. Either way they have to prove they pay taxes to determine their income, so if they pay taxes it’s fair game.

  10. CSUNStudent May 11, 2011

    They are not American citizens; they should be charged at the international student fee level.

    Any “specified financial aid programs administered by California’s public colleges and universities” that are “private scholarships from businesses or corporations” should go exclusively to American citizens. AB 130 denies American citizens the opportunity at this aid, and possibly even spots in university; how is that fair?

    1. CSULB Student May 11, 2011

      uhm, if they get it instead of you, take spot that could have been yours, work harder, and get it, pathetic that simply because you are a citizen you want a guaranteed spot rather than someone who is actually more qualified, if you work hard enough, this should not be a problem.

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