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BREAKING: Suspect who fled from stolen vehicle apprehended on CSUN campus


A juvenile suspect was driving a stolen tan Mercury Marquis, which he left in gear on Nordhoff Street and Lindley Avenue on Thursday. The suspect then ran out of the car and onto campus where he was caught by police. Photo Credit: Mariela Molina / Visual Editor

Police apprehended a suspect who ran across six lanes of traffic and onto campus Thursday after leading police on a car pursuit.

An LAPD motorcycle officer attempted to pull over an erratic driver near Nordhoff Street and Etiwanda Avenue at about 5:45 p.m., said Captain Kris Pitcher of Devonshire LAPD.

When the responding officer ran the suspect’s plates, they came back as code 37, or a stolen vehicle, Pitcher said.

The suspect, a minor wearing a dark tank top and blue jeans, left the vehicle in gear and ran onto CSUN’s south campus near Nordhoff Hall, said LAPD Officer Olsen, who attempted to pull over the suspect and who began the foot chase.

The stolen tan Mercury Grand Marquis, with a “Santa Clarita Valley MAGIC” license plate frame, rode onto the curb and into a street sign.




  1. Trinaharker Oct 5, 2011

    The suspect, Realy He is not a bad kid.

  2. Lila Sep 30, 2011

    All that fuss for THAT?! It took me a half hour to get past two traffic lights. There was more cops than you can see at a high risk event. They were everywhere – on bicycles, motorcycles, on foot, in cars, in trucks, helicopters, even after the arrest, cuz I saw a guy in cuffs, but I thought they were looking for more people… Wow, it must have been some very important person’s car :) 

    1. Old Glory Sep 30, 2011

      When your car gets stolen notify the police you don’t want it recovered. 

  3. Fasdfds Sep 30, 2011

    It was actually closer to 5:30pm. I came out of class only to find a biker cop out of breath yelling “possible gta suspect west blah blah norht blah blah”. Then the helicopter and cops swarmed campus once again.

  4. Benjamin Andrews Sep 29, 2011

    CSUN kinda feels like a crime magnet danger zone right now :(

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