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Los Angeles-based band Monroe voted Artist of the Year in CSUN record label contest


Five/Five talent search finalist, Monroe, share a laugh while performing on the Plaza Del Sol stage on Wednesday, Nov. 2. Photo Credit: Andres Aguila / Daily Sundial

Five of Five (V/V) announced that Monroe, the Los Angeles-based alternative rock band, is its Artist of the Year for 2011-12.

“We feel extremely honored to be chosen as the No. 1 band,” said the band in an email interview. “It feels like we just won a championship game.”

Last Wednesday, four artists, meticulously chosen out of 70 submissions, battled it out for a one-year contract with CSUN’s music industry studies’ student-run entertainment label.

“We competed against some very talented people,” Monroe said. “Going on last, we felt that we were up against some great competition and had to play like it. It is very comforting to know that what we put our time and energy into gains positive feedback.”

The band, which formed in 2009 while members were attending Boston’s Berklee College of Music, was both excited and relieved upon receiving the email that they had won.

“We were so stoked we just started yelling,” said guitarist Lawrence Carol, who was in the band’s home studio, along with lead vocalist Kelton Blackshear, when they got the email.

The band, aside from member Trevor James, is from the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas. James joined the band two months ago, and is originally from Texas.

Like most bands, they want to reach the top, said Carol in a phone interview. The help from V/V will help them with a part of the industry they lack experience in –  marketing and promotion.

“Working with (V/V) will provide us what we need right now to build our fan base and build us up,” Carol said. “They are a great group of minds, and we feel like we will work well with them.”

Narrowing down the talent was difficult to do, as the final four candidates had to represent what V/V believes in, said Julian Banks, Five of Five‘s director of artist and repertoire (A&R).

“The A&R team became really attached to the finalists because their music was the best of everything we heard and they were all really great to work with and everyone had such a positive attitude and great character, which is something a lot of artists are missing in this industry,” Banks said.

The ultimate decision was left up to the voters who attended the artist showcase on Wednesday, Nov. 2.

Banks said he looks forward to working with them over the coming year.

“We are all certain Monroe’s professional goals and accomplishments line up with Five of Five Music Entertainment,” Banks said.


  1. T J Nov 13, 2011

    Trevor James is not from texas he is from LA Kelton Blackshear is from texas.

  2. Mik7murrell Nov 10, 2011

    Nice article, Mr. Campos. I have one negative comment, however, regarding an incomplete sentence. Within the 5th paragraph you state, “The band, . . . was both excited and relieved upon receiving the email that they had won.” As written, if taken literally (and in isolation), the reader would believe that the band had won an email.
    Re-crafted as follows, with the insertion of two vital words (in caps), the sentence becomes a complete thought: 
    “The band, . . . was both excited and relieved upon receiving the email INFORMING THEM that they had won.”
    While this may seem minor at first glance, the fact is that your writing influences the writing of your readers, or at minimum has the potential to. Thus, you must remain ever mindful that when writing to the public, in this instance a university’s student body, you have an obligation to write correctly at all times. Therefore, when you write you must remember that you’re not having a personal conversation with, or texting or emailing, a close personal peer. Instead, you are writing to the masses. Accordingly, you are required to follow all of the formal rules of proper writing.  
    I apologize for the mild reproval, but it is inarguable that writing is a form of teaching and that reading is a form of learning. This is especially true as it relates to the young and those whose first language isn’t English. Thus, it seems to me that those who write for mass, public consumption (even as students) should be held to a very high standard ? because when they write, they also teach. And when they write errantly, they also teach errantly.

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