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Sydni Powell and Christopher Woolett tentatively win A.S. elections


Associated Students candidate Emmanuel Martinez hands his mic to the opposing candidates, Sydni Powell and Christopher Woolett. Sydni Powell's mic stopped working while answering a question.

Next fall, the new president of CSUN’s Associated Students will be Sydni Powell, according to unofficial results from the March 28 and 29 elections, which showed they won by a landslide.

Powell, the current vice president of AS, appears to have defeated her opponent Emmanuel Martinez by a vote of 1496 to 995 according to numbers, but official results will not be available until April 10.

Powell’s running-mate Christopher Woolett will be the next vice president.  Woolett is a junior liberal studies major and current AS senator to the college of humanities.

Voters also approved two amendments to the Associated Students Constitution.

Amendment 1, which tentatively passed by a margin 1,187 votes, allows AS to schedule meetings within 24 hours after notifying the public. This is in compliance with the Gloria Romero Open Meeting Act of 2000, which requires university organizations to give at least 24 hours advance notice for special meetings.  Previously, the AS constitution required a window of two business days.

Amendment 2 on the ballot, approved by a margin of 1,220 votes, is in compliance with Assembly Bill 1233, a new state law that says any corporation may not have non-voting directors or non-voting members on its board. This law also requires that the board must have greater authority than the A.S. President.

Previously the constitution listed general manager, students’ secretary, attorney general and cabinet members as non-voting members.  The amendment changes the titles of these positions so their seats on the board will be in compliance with state law, as well as giving more decision making power to the AS Senate.

Elections were also held for the student Senate who represents individual colleges on campus.  These results can be seen at the AS website.  Cabinet members will be appointed by Powell as one of her early duties as the new president of the associated students.

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