Get to Know: Cieana Stinson

    Photo credit: John Saringo-Rodriguez / Photo Editor
    Sophomore middle blocker Cieana Stinson has emerged as a leader for the women’s volleyball team this season. Stinson has 13 kills over the past two games. Photo credit: John Saringo-Rodriguez / Photo Editor

    Major: Psychology



    Food: Mexican food

    Band: TGT

    Athlete: Michael Jordan

    Sports Team: LA Lakers



    Hardest part about being a student athlete: Balancing volleyball and my schoolwork evenly and finding time to sleep

    Greatest Accomplishment: Receiving the Most Outstanding Female Athlete award at my high school

    Hobbies: Cooking



    Best part of my game: The feeling you get when your team makes an awesome play

    Part of my game that needs improvement: Focusing on blocking and zone in on the hitter so I am in the right spot when blocking them.

    Best player I’ve played against: Falyn Fonoimoana when I was in club volleyball

    Player I model my game after: I admire Michael Jordan’s work ethic and mentality

    Pre-game rituals: Listening to music in the locker room with my teammates and curling my hair

    Difference between this year’s women’s volleyball team and previous ones: Everyone gets along with everyone and the chemistry is very strong on the court



    Team: To make it to the NCAA tournament

    Personal: To become a better all-around volleyball player



    Other sports played: Basketball, Soccer, Track and Field, and Competitive Cheerleading

    What I started playing volleyball: When I was 15

    How I stay in shape during off-season: Following the work out plans and regiments my weight coach gives me

    Person I’d like to meet: Barack Obama

    Life after CSUN:I plan to take my volleyball career overseas for 2 to 3 years

    Where I imagine myself in 10 years: Married with a family and working as a social worker or something along those lines