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Review: LA Lasagna Co.

LA lasagna Co. is renown for their classic namesake dish. Photo: Jake Fredericks / Copy Editor

LA lasagna Co. is renown for their classic namesake dish. Photo: Jake Fredericks / Copy Editor

Lasagna is one of the few Italian recipes that has undergone minimal change over its extensive lifetime adorning menus worldwide, and rightly so. It has not been sullied by the hands of would-be chefs seeking to carve their name in culinary history by bastardizing a classic dish. Instead, lasagna has emerged as a survivor of American haute cuisine, its feathers virtually unruffled in the trend’s wake.

The cooks at LA Lasagna Co. stand by their namesake–and deliver. Lasagna is quite possibly one the of rare few dishes I care little about when critiquing originality, for lasagna in its entirely is as original as one can possibly hope to achieve. For the most part, lasagna is a simple enough dish– a combination of long strands of pasta, interwoven between layers of Romano, mozzarella, and ricotta cheese, meat and marinara sauce. LA Lasagna Co. itself is a quaint restaurant located on the corner of Reseda Boulevard and Chase Street.

Its decor (if you can call it that) is comprised of a smattering of tables and an ordering counter. That’s it, nothing else. They do serve other Italian classics, such as chicken alfredo and homemade meatball grinders, but lasagna is the go-to for first-timers. The lasagna combo, which includes lasagna, garlic bread and side salad with creamy Italian dressing, is a heck of a deal ringing in at just a shade under $10.


Jake Fredericks

Jake Fredericks is a senior reporter and copy editor for the Daily Sundial. Jake graduated culinary school in 2011 and has been working in professional kitchens for 6 years. His enjoyment for cooking and creativity in writing has given him a unique skill set, which he has applied wholly to his goals as a food critic and eventual restauranteur. When he is not working or in class, he finds solace in writing, surfing, traveling and riding his motorcycle.

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