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Fantasy springs to life in the “Once Upon a Dream” Student Fashion Showcase


Elvis Smith, a 22 year old Apparel Design student, steps into our studio to talk about the “Fantasy: Once Upon a Dream” student fashion showcase and his contributions to it. The showcase will be taking place this Saturday at 6 p.m. in the Northridge Room at the USU. Below is a sneak peek at one of his contributions to the show, which many have said is reminiscent of the character “Malificent” from Sleeping Dream.
Dress by Elvis Smith

Victor Frost

Professional studio audio engineer, podcaster, and performer, Victor has lectured at various conventions in Southern California on a wide variety of subjects but, most frequently, on the aspects of professional audio production. He has also given seminars on the fundamentals of audio production for journalism students at California State University Northridge. Victor attends CSU Northridge in the pursuit of a degree in Cinema Television Arts with a focus on Radio Production.

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