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An eye for the ‘Universal Dream’



TRENDS student organization held its 36th annual student fashion show on Sunday. “A Universal Dream: Through the Eyes of the Designer” was the theme for the runway walk. The hosts were music artists and fashion designers, Mark Tango and Estel Day.

Jairo Claustro was the first place winner of the show. His theme was “Signature Cloud,” which combines beautiful silhouettes of lace and shine. His planning began years leading up to his senior debut at the show. His theme was inspired by the word “goddess” and a pop icon.

“I was inspired by a segment of Britney Spears’ concert with the angel wings, and I wanted sparkle on stage,” Claustro said.

A special award was given to the show’s producer, professor Shirley Warren. The winners were announced shortly after with Maritza Pinedo in third place, Olushola Fagbamila in second and Claustro in first.

The show began with a high energy performance by CSUN Hip Hop. Twelve designers showcased their work through four to five pieces, with specific themes and music. A special presentation of the ADM pattern making class gave the audience a glimpse of what’s in store for next year’s fashion show.

The clothes varied from Pinedo’s designs, inspired by India, to Elisa Rosales’ 1940s and 1950s rockabilly influenced garments to Dialla Ismail’s Oscar-worthy gowns. The five-panel judge included Susan McCready, vice president of marketing for Milani Cosmetics and Evelin Skorkoff, designer of sportswear and sweaters for the clothing brand, bebe.

To see video of the show, click here. 

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