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iPhone gallery: An insight of the intense Travi$ Scott show


By Georgia Simone Levy

Last week, Travi$ Scott began his three-show stand in the span of two nights. Praised for his hyped up shows, the rapper displayed what he did best – perform intense music and promote mosh pits. Here’s a look at the atmosphere of a Travi$ Scott show.


But how does he perform? The audience was spitting practically every word to the songs Scott performed. Songs such as “Maria I’m Drunk” and “Mamacita” were just some of the audience’s favorites. At one point a fan yelled out “Yea Rihanna!” letting everyone know whom he wanted a surprise appearance from. Scott started to perform “Antidote” a hit from his “Rodeo” album, and the mood in the room went from 50 to 100 as the crowd surfing began. Scott performed one encore, then made a comment about Orange County’s rules on curfew, and closed his show.

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