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Musician Monday: Anthony Storniolo


Today many musicians dream of ending up on the big stage playing alongside world renowned orchestras or musicians. However there are still the few who dream of more than just fame and fortune. Anthony Storniolo is one of those few who do not require popularity and wealth.

Storniolo is a 28-year-old senior at CSUN studying to obtain his Bachelor’s degree in music with an emphasis in percussion performance. Storniolo began playing keyboard and saxophone at a very young age. Although he did well, Storniolo knew these instruments weren’t for him. One year before Storniolo began schooling at CSUN, he picked up the xylophone and fell in love. Since then percussion instruments have become his passion.

After Storniolo picked up the xylophone, percussion instruments have become his passion.

After picking up the xylophone, Storniolo says percussion instruments become his passion. Photo credit: Nick Barrile 

“One day I’d like to open a nonprofit music program that travels to schools and exposes children to instruments and music they normally would never experience.” said Storniolo. “I want to give people the opportunity to fall in love with music just like I did.”

Storniolo will be showcasing his talent alongside his peers in CSUN’s World Percussion Ensemble this Tuesday, Nov. 3 in Cypress Hall room 158. The ensemble begins at 7:30 pm and costs $7 to attend with student I.D.


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