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Crime Blotter for Feb. 22 to Feb. 28


Monday, Feb. 22

  • An unknown suspect stole a laptop that was left unattended at Chaparral Hall around 10:15 a.m.
  • Unknown suspects wrote graffiti on walls inside Bayramian Hall and Nordhoff Hall restrooms on three different occasions.
  • A counterfeit bill was used by an unknown suspect at the University Student Union Pub at an unknown time.

Tuesday, Feb. 23

  • An unknown suspect engaged in a verbal argument with the victim around the Art and Design Center and then hit the victim in the chest before walking away.
  • Unknown suspects stole a disabled placard from a vehicle in the E6 parking lot that was left unlocked.
  • An unknown suspect wrote graffiti inside the men’s restroom at the Art and Design Center.
  • Unknown suspects stole a moped that was parked in the G3 Parking Structure.
  • A male suspect riding a bicycle approached a female student walking on Matador Walk toward the Student Recreation Center and pointed what appeared to be a black semi-auto handgun around 6:20 p.m., according to the log. The suspect demanded the victim give him all her money, but the victim told him she had none. The suspect then proceeded to ride north through the USU. Officers are continuing their investigation.
  • Unknown suspects wrote graffiti inside a Nordhoff Hall men’s restroom.
  • Two residents of the University Park Apartments were referred for a drug-law violation.

Wednesday, Feb. 24

  • Unknown suspects broke a plastic thermostat casing in a Citrus Hall hallway.
  • An unknown suspect stole a laptop that was left on top of a newspaper rack near the transit center bus stop.
  • An unknown suspect stole a bicycle outside the Student Recreation Center. The bicycle was secured to a bicycle rack with a cable lock.
  • Unknown suspects broke into a locker used to store musical instruments at Cypress Hall and stole two instruments.

Thursday, Feb. 25

  • An unknown suspect stole a laptop, smartphone and a charger from around the UPA.
  • An unknown suspect stole a bicycle outside of Jerome Richfield Hall. The bicycle was locked to a rack with a cable lock.
  • An unknown suspect stole a bicycle outside of the UPA that was locked to a bicycle rack by cutting the padlock.
  • An unknown suspect stole a PlayStation 3 from the victim’s living room at the UPA.
  • Wax and red paint was placed on the seating areas of outdoor concrete benches by an unknown suspect.

Friday, Feb. 26

  • An unknown suspect removed soap dispensers from the men and women restrooms at University Hall. The dispensers were all laying on the counters and some were broken.
  • An unknown suspect stole a bicycle outside of Redwood Hall, which was secured to a bicycle rack using a cable lock.

Saturday, Feb. 27

  • An unknown suspect defecated in the east stairwell of the B3 Parking Structure.

Sunday, Feb. 28

  • CSUN officers stopped a car for failing to stop at a red light at Lindley and Nordhoff. The officers found the driver to be driving with a suspended license and arrested him for a misdemeanor and issued a citation and release.
  • Three UPA residents of the UPA was referred for a drug-law violation.
  • An unknown suspect broke open the fire hose box at the G9 Parking Structure.






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  1. Haider Feb 29, 2016

    My bike was also stolen in front of Jacaranda. on Sunday Cable lock as well. I didn’t report it because I don’t think that there is any hope of getting it back.

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