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DC Society: Where does the Sanders campaign go now?

Photo shows DC Society logo with protesters

Since the beginning of Bernie Sander’s campaign, he has addressed the issues that have been hurting the middle class and poor Americans for decades while trying to bring about what his supporters call a “Political Revolution.”

But despite the power of his message, it is becoming more apparent Bernie Sanders is not going to be the nominee for the Democratic party. Whether it be Secretary Clinton’s 200-plus pledge-delegate lead, the overwhelming super-delegate majority or even the more than two million more votes she has, Sanders has a hard battle to fight if he wants to still make a play for the Democratic nomination.

But even if he doesn’t get the nomination, Sanders has changed the debate. Sanders has pushed Clinton to move herself more to the left. Not to say that she wasn’t a liberal or a progressive before this, but he has really pushed to the left particularly on issues like Wall Street reform and trade.

For months, I’ve been arguing Sanders and Clinton both seek to fix the problems Sanders has addressed and though they have the same goal they both want to approach them differently. Right now a majority of the voters believe Clinton has the better way of handling the issue, but that doesn’t mean it’s all over for Sanders and his supporters.

Currently, Sanders has said he would stay in this race until the end of the primaries or until the convention, in which he will likely bring awareness to the issues that he and his supporters talk about. I firmly believe Sanders should stay in this race because, at the end of the day, the movement he has popularized will never go away. It will remain forever haunting the Democratic party and will serve as a reminder if elected officials are not doing their jobs they will have hell to pay with their constituents.

No matter the outcome, Sanders’ campaign will always be remembered as a breaking point in American politics. Just like in 1976, when President Gerald Ford barely won his parties nomination form then former Gov. Ronald Reagan, Ford realized this party would no longer be the same party that he knew. And now history has repeated itself again with the Democratic party. It is my hope that no matter what happens in the end this movement keeps going out there and fight for what’s right and continue to vote. So that there ever so loud voice can continue to be heard for generations


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1 Comment

  1. PatrioticUSGlory Apr 29, 2016

    When I think of Bernie Sanders, or for that matter, Hillary Clinton, or any Democratic politician, the first thing that comes to my mind is The Party of Big Government.

    So I will explain why — for that reason alone — I can NEVER vote Democrat.

    One of the most important differences between the Left and the Right is how each regards the role and the size of the government.

    The Left believes that the State should be the most powerful force in society. Among many other things, the government should be in control of educating every child, should provide all health care, and should regulate – often to the minutest detail – how businesses conduct their business. In Germany, for instance, the government legislates the time of day stores have to close. In short, the Left believes there should be no power that competes with government.. Not parents, not businesses, not private schools, not religious institutions, not even the individual human conscience.

    Conservatives, on the other hand, believe that government’s role in society should be limited to absolute necessities. Such as national defense, and to being the resource of last resort: to help citizens who cannot be helped by family, by community, or by religious and secular charities.

    Conservatives understand that as government grows in size and power the following will inevitably happen:

    1. There will be ever-increasing amounts of corruption. Power and money breed corruption. People in government will sell government influence for personal and political gain, and people outside of government will seek to buy influence and favors. In Africa and Latin America, government corruption has been the single biggest factor in holding nations back from progressing.

    2. Individual liberty will decline. With few exceptions, such as an unrestricted right to abortion, individual liberty is less important to the Left than to the Right. This is neither an opinion nor a criticism. It is simple logic: The more control government has over people’s lives, the less liberty people have.

    3. Countries with ever-expanding governments will either reduce the size of their government, or eventually collapse economically. Every welfare state ultimately becomes a Ponzi scheme, relying on new payers to pay previous payers, And when tit runs out of new payers, the scheme collapses. All of the welfare states of the world – including all of the wealthy European countries – are already experiencing this problem, to varying degrees.

    4. In order to pay for an ever-expanding government, taxes are constantly increased. But at a given level of taxation, the society’s wealth producers, will either stop working, work less, hire fewer people, or move their business out of the state or out of the country.

    5. Big government produces big deficits and ever increasing and ultimately unsustainable debt. This too is only logical. The more money the State hands out. The more money people will demand from the state. No recipient of free money has ever said, “Thank you, I have enough.” Unless big governments get smaller, they will all eventually collapse under own weight. With terrible consequences, socially as well as economically.

    6. The bigger the government the greater the opportunities for doing great evil. The 20th century was the most murderous century in recorded history. And who did all this killing? Big governments. Evil individuals without power can only do so much harm. But when evil individuals take control of bog government, the amount of harm they can do is essentially unlimited.

    The Right fears big government. The Left fears Big Business.

    But Coca-Cola cannot break into your house or confiscate your wealth. Only big government can do that. As irresponsible as any business has ever been, it is only Big Government that can build concentration camps and commit genocide.

    7. Big Government eats away at the moral character of a nation. People no longer take care of other people. After all, they know the government will do that. That’s why Americans give far more of their money and volunteer far more of their time to charity than do Europeans at the same economic level.

    Without the belief in an ever-expanding government, there is no Left. Without a belief in limited government, there is no Right.

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