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Beat the Blues with the BLUES Project

Two blue pinwheels are shown on the Oviatt Lawn

According to Healthline, nearly half of all students in college experience symptoms of depression. From deadlines and exams to living alone for the first time, many students find their stress increasing and may find it hard to cope.

The BLUES Project at CSUN consists of a group of peer educators who aim to support students struggling with depression and various types of stress.

The organization holds an annual week-long event called Beat the Blues where students can engage in activities and workshops to learn how to manage their depression and mental health.

Walter Linares, president of the Blues Project, explained that in his sophomore year he decided to help people going through depression as he did in high school.

“The Blues Project was the perfect organization for this. We are peer educators hoping to raise awareness about depression and suicide to our fellow CSUN students and community,” Linares said.

Raising awareness about mental health issues in college is important to many in the program, including UCS Peer Program coordinator, Samir Hamawe.

“Through awareness you have the power to create happiness, to make life free and beautiful, and to make life a wonderful adventure,” Hamawe said.

Beat the Blues will be taking place from Monday, Nov. 14 through Thursday, Nov. 17 with several events each day across campus.


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