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CSUN anti-Trump protesters debate Trump supporters

Students protest trump in front of the oviatt library

A large crowd gathered on the Oviatt Lawn Tuesday to watch a protest organized by CSUN’s Young Democrats.

The Young Democrats promoted the protest for two weeks and organized the event to challenge President Donald Trump’s presidency and new executive orders.

Protesters who joined started to chant, “No Trump. No KKK. No Fascist USA,” along with, “We need a leader, not a creepy Tweeter!” and other chants to protest Trump. The louder they chanted, the more people gathered around Oviatt Lawn to watch the protestors.

_DSC4900 copy.jpg

Anti-Trump protesters in front on the Oviatt lawn for an event hosted by the Young Democrats. Photo credit: Marja Ziemer

Along with anti-Trump supporters who protested, there were Trump supporters who wore “Make America Great Again” apparel. The Trump supporters argued against the protest and began to chant, “Build a wall!”


Psychology major, Katherin Flores, right, exchanges words with a Trump supporter on illegal immigration. Flores argued the naturalization process is a long one and in the end many immigrants end up getting turned down. Photo credit: Luis Garcia

Kenny Salazar, a second year political science major, said he wants more students to be active with their voices when they have issues with what the government is doing.

“CSUN students have to get politically active and if we don’t get politically active, then we can’t have our voices heard,” Salazar said.

For Salazar, it doesn’t matter what someone’s political preference is.

“I just hope to see a lot of students [get] active, no matter Republication or Democrat, but standing for what is right,” Salazar said.

Sandra Rodriguez, a senior geography major, said she wants to do more than just share things on the internet.

“It is not just about sharing things on social media, it is about taking action and actually getting involved,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said she joined the protest because she takes this subject personally. She said as a someone whose parents are immigrants, she embraces all roots and cultures.

“Both my parents are immigrants, both born in Mexico. I am American, but I’m also Mexican, and you have to learn to embrace your roots, your culture, [and] appreciate each other as humans”.

Maritza Rosas, a third year family and consumer sciences major said she wants the CSUN community to be informed.

“Keep fighting because at the end of the day we are all humans and we all deserve the same respect,” Rosas said.


The Young Democrats club gathered outside the Oviatt library steps protesting the Trump administration. Club members were protesting President's Trumps mistreatment of the media and violation of freedom of expression by barring CNN, L.A. Times, and the New York Times reporters from briefings. Photo credit: Luis Garcia



  1. Derek Snek Mar 1, 2017


    Brietbart Shills!

    1. Tony Baxter Mar 1, 2017

      You wish bud. The Sundial is the biggest shill. They refuse to show both sides of the argument. YOU ARE A SLAVE TO FAKE NEWS. VERY FAKE NEWS

      1. Derek Snek Mar 1, 2017

        You are a slave to all that is fake. SAD!

        and they did show both sides of the argument. They quoted the Trump supporters screaming, “BUILD THE WALL!!”

  2. Jose Ricardo Mar 1, 2017

    My family came to this country LEGALLY. How can these people not realize the difference between immigrating legally and illegally. DREAMERS=ILLEGALS

  3. Sabrina Persatos Mar 1, 2017

    This is such a one sided article. Ashamed at what the Sundial has become. Absolute trash.

  4. Tony Baxter Mar 1, 2017

    Where are the comments from the Trump supporters? Why are you suppressing their voice? SUNDIAL IS FAKE NEWS

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