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Crime Blotter 10/2-10/8

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Monday, Oct. 2

Around 8 a.m. on Lindley Avenue and Vincennes Street, an officer cited a suspect for driving without a license and not obeying a traffic sign. The suspect was released at the scene but was given a notice to appear.

An unknown suspect cut down the bamboo coverings on a chain link fence west of the Art and Design building, the investigation continues.

Tuesday, Oct. 3

A resident in the University Park Apartments was referred for a drug and alcohol law violation.

An unknown suspect stole the emblem off a vehicle’s grill in the G3 parking structure, no details of the emblem are available at the moment but the investigation is continued.

An unknown suspect stole a bike that was parked outside of building 15 in the University Park Apartments.

Wednesday, Oct. 4

Two residents in the University Park Apartments was referred for drug and alcohol law violations.

An unknown male suspect was closely following a woman and recording her chest on his cellphone near Sierra Hall.

Officials are still investigating a report of an hit-and-run into another vehicle in the F9 parking lot. The suspect and hours of the hit are unknown, but the incident happened on Sept. 24.

An unknown suspect hit-and-run into a vehicle in the G3 parking structure.

Friday, Oct. 6

A man tried to use fake money at the Arbor Grill and Oviatt Library, officials are still investigating.

An unknown suspect stole a video game system from the University Park Apartments Building 17 third floor common area.

Saturday, Oct. 7

Officials are investigating the black and white graffiti spray paint on the roof of Magnolia Hall.

Sunday, Oct. 8

An unknown suspect used a black marker to graffiti on a bench at the Transit Station.

Monday, Oct. 9

Unknown suspects stole a laptop, purse and car keys after entering the victim’s apartment in the dorms. The suspect then proceeded to steal the victim’s car from the F9 parking lot.

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