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Art Museum: Fashion on Display, CSUN’s annual student fashion show – Preview

man in red plaid stands beside mannequin with colorful dress

The 39th annual TRENDS Student Fashion show is being held on April 29 at the University Student Union. With these last remaining weeks leading up to the show quickly flying by, excitement, anticipation and a bit of nerves are on high for the students and faculty working long days and countless hours to ensure this year’s fashion show is the best one to date.

The theme this year is Art Museum: Fashion on Display. “Fashion is art and this will showcase their interpretation of museum art,” Shirley Warren, apparel design and merchandising professor and head facilitator of the show, said.

Styles and designs will exhibit influences of different eras and trends of the time, translating their pieces into literal works of art, from avant-garde to ready-to-wear. Seniors Quoc Ly and Matthew Garrett, who will be showing their work in the fashion show, decided to do so as a duo. “Our line has a heavy focus on American culture,” Quoc said, “Matthew is stronger in street-wear while I am more on the technical side of construction.”

Still, they must adhere and be mindful of the three main scoring categories: creativity, trends/marketability and pattern construction and cohesiveness.

There will be about 15 designers that will show approximately 5-6 pieces each. The prizes are still being kept under wraps for the time being, but internships, cash and a chance for their creations to be displayed on a sponsor’s storefront window have been previously up for grabs. So there’s no doubt that this year’s prizes will entice contestants to bring their A-game.

Professor Warren and participants are feeling a little more of the pressure this year because of added high-volume exposure, from the guest judges who are well established in the fashion industry to renowned sponsors like Milani, Bloomingdale’s, Colourpop and a rare, guest appearance by CSUN eminence.

“President Harrison will be attending and I don’t think she typically goes to these kinds of events, so it’s a pretty big deal,” Jessie O’Connell, junior and fashion show director, said.

Despite the stress, Warren is nothing but confident in her classes’ ability and skills to pull off a more than successful event.

“This is just a really good group; they’re motivated and they’re excited,” Warren said, “They’ve been working exceptionally hard to take this show to the next level.”

Tickets to the TRENDS Student Fashion show can be purchased at the USU box office for $15 with school ID or $20 for general admission.



Christine Martinez

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