Why is there a new window on the side of Sierra Hall?

large white building with a red windowpane
New window box of CSBS Student Center protrudes out of third floor of Sierra Hall's east wall. Photo credit: Nick Rose

A bright red window appeared recently jutting out of the off-white east wall of Sierra Hall after a brief period of construction last month.

The window extends out from the wall on the third floor looking out on the Oviatt lawn and contains a revamped work space.

The new structure appears to be a new student center built for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (CSBS) featuring a classroom-sized space filled with several circular tables, executive office recliner chairs, and a presentation board.

Center Interior
Interior of new CSBS Student Center filled with tables, chairs, and office recliners looking out on Oviatt Lawn. Photo credit: Nick Rose

Neither Physical Plant Management, Facilities Planning, or the Office of Student Success Innovations had any information on the new structure or its purpose.

A sign on the door posts the hours of operation, however the doors have remained locked.

Center SIGN
Hours of Operation sign posted on door of Student Center which remains locked until it's official open at an undisclosed time. Photo credit: Nick Rose

Jennifer Brummett, assistant to interim (CSBS) dean Dr. Matthew Cahn, says the doors have remained locked due to final improvements being made to the space but had no other information.

Brummett said Cahn would have all the details surrounding the construction and implementation of the mysterious work space.

Cahn was not available for comment.