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MataMeals: Meringues and buttercream

butter dessert in cup

Meringues are super easy and are pretty fast to make. They are especially delicious in combination with this simplest and tastiest recipe for buttercream that you can only imagine.

Approx. Cost: $7.20

Preparation time: 15 min



  • Four egg whites
  • 1.5 cup of granulated sugar
  • 1-2 drops of lemon juice

It is necessary to separate the whites from the yolks carefully so that not even a drop of the yolk gets into the bowl. Also, even the slightest drop of water or fat will spoil everything. Photo credit: Evgeniya Emolkina


1. Start whipping the whites with a whisk or a mixer at a slow speed to get a bubbled mass. Gradually, without stopping to whip, sprinkle sugar, whipping each time until the sugar is completely dissolved.


Correctly whipped meringue does not fall off the whisk. Photo credit: Evgeniya Emolkina

2. On a baking tray covered with parchment paper, pipe the meringue with a confectionery bag or two teaspoons. In general, this dessert is ideal for cooking with children.


Photo credit: Evgeniya Emolkina

3. Bake the meringue at a temperature of 175-200 ° F for 1-2 hours. Meringues should be crispy, without the dark crust. If you prefer more gentle and soft meringues, bake them at 270 ° F until light golden color.



  • One can of sweetened condensed milk
  • Three sticks of unsalted butter

If you'll find yourself in the situation where the mass sort of split, just keep whisking it and it will become homogenous. Photo credit: Evgeniya Emolkina

Take the butter from the refrigerator beforehand to make it soft. Beat the soft butter at high speed with a mixer, until fluffy, for 2-3 minutes. Don’t forget to scrape the sides. Then, without stopping the whipping, pour the condensed milk with a thin trickle. Keep beating the cream until it’s fluffy, glossy and in full uniformity. (About 4 minutes)

Working on the cream can begin immediately, and it does not lose shape. It is perfect for decorating cakes, as well as filling eclairs.


You can pipe the buttercream between two meringues to connect them. Or make a bordered meringue beforehand and fill it. Photo credit: Evgeniya Emolkina

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