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The CSUN LookBook


Taylor Bright

Photo credit: Elijah Carr

Taylor Bright

Age: 22

Major: Apparel Design and Merchandising


Hat: Black hat from LF The Brand

Jacket: Crop denim jacket from LF The Brand

Flannel: Turquoise, white and black flannel from a thrift shop

Pants: Denim pants from a thrift shop with homemade design

Shoes: Doc Martens

Bag: Red bag from a thrift shop

Ethan Blackburn

Ethan Blackburn

Age: 18

Major: Music Composition


Jacket: Green Harrington jacket, a hand-me-down from his grandfather

Sweater: Navy turtleneck sweater from Target

Pants: Dark brown Kirkland Signature corduroy pants from Costco in the 90’s

Shoes: Low top Old Skool Vans

Aaron Tiania

Aaron Tiania

Age: 23

Major: Computer Science


Jacket: Midnight blue corduroy jacket from Cav Empt

Shirt: White button-up shirt with rose design from Urban Outfitters

Pants: Black slim-fit chino pants from Uniqlo

Shoes: Slip-on white Vans

Dena Ghalib

Dena Ghalib

Age: 22

Major: Graphic Design


Glasses: Brown Ray-Bans

Jacket: Denim jacket from Forever 21

Sweater: Black turtleneck sweater from Forever 21

Pants: Red and black plaid pants from Forever 21

Shoes: Black boots

Kai San Lei

Kai San Lei

Age: 20

Major: Film Production


Jacket: Navy bomber jacket from H&M

Hoodie: White hoodie from H&M

Pants: Gray pants from Zara

Shoes: Brown Timberland boots


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