Being a single “supermom” and learning how to balance it all

Amber Green

The job of a single mother is the hardest job in the world. A single mother, who works full time, attends college full time and holds the job of being both mother and father to their children, should be nominated for a Supermom award.

Being a single “supermom” has its rewards but that title can also bring a lot of pressure that may not be healthy.

The daily tasks of a single mom never ends because when the kids are sleeping, a single mother keeps on going like the Energizer bunny whether it’s mentally, physically or emotionally.

Cooking, cleaning, working a full-time job, doing laundry, taking six college courses, finding time to do homework and finding time to spend with my kids are just some of the challenges I face as a single supermom.

The pressure I deal with on a daily basis sometimes drives me to a state of mental illness such as anxiety, stress and isolation. The question is how do I deal with this or how does any supermom deal with it?

I have to admit it’s very hard to find some balance in my chaotic life but it’s  essential.

Here are some tips taken from a pregnancy Web site addressing a few supermom myths out there. These tips can help me and the other hundreds of “supermoms” out there struggling with balancing our lives.

  • Don’t feel like you have to give your child everything. Feeling obligated to give your child everything will only make you feel guilty, stressed and/or like a failure in life. This will affect your role as a mother and the relationship with your child.
  • Be sure to make time for yourself. Even if its just 15 minutes a day, try to find a quiet place where you can gather your thoughts and relax. During this time, try not to think about what needs to be done. Try taking a yoga class once a week if your schedule allows it.
  • Recognize your family is the most important ingredient. I know the life of a “supermom” can get crazy but don’t get so wrapped up in it that you miss out on some of the very priceless moments of being a mom.

Now these are just a few tips that we as supermoms can follow to help balance our life. So remember there’s a tip for every demand and challenge single “supermoms” have to face. We just have to ask and look for them.