Friends with the Enemy

Friends with the Enemy

Laleh Haverim

“Friends with the Enemy” shows the stories of three different American soldiers and their experiences in war.

We have George Gillman Key Jr., a WWII veteran…Sid Mendoza, an Iraq Veteran and Scholarship and Enrollment officer at California State University Northridge… and Iraq veteran and Los Angeles organizer of A.N.S.W.E.R ( Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), Michael Prysner.

While interviewing war veterans about their experiences, I found a commonality.

No matter if the veteran was pro war or anti war, when it came to a one-to-one face to face interaction between the enemies, they actually bonded and became friends.

Many people say that “war is human nature”, but what I found was that compassion and care is the real nature of human beings, and that war stems from fear and survival… war is a human reaction to deal with the fear.

On an economic level, this documentary shows death statistics and the financial cost of the current wars America is in- Iraq and Afghanistan .