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Trends Fashion Club to host “Style is Eternal” advanced studio class students to showcase their fashion designs along with professional designers

CSUN’s up and coming fashion designers will end the semester by showing off their work at the “Style Is Eternal” fashion show presented by Trends Fashion Club in the Northridge Center on Friday, May 7 at 7 p.m.

The show is open to everyone at $10 a person. Tickets will be sold all week and the box office will be open until 7 p.m. on the evening of the show.

Angela Pettigraw, director of the fashion show, said 27 apparel design male and female students from the studio advanced classes will be showing their garments.

“This fashion show is an annual show that debuts the first set of designs completed by the designers,” Pettigraw said.

Only students who are in the apparel design program and enrolled in the advanced studio class can show their garments, added Pettigraw.

 Designers include Trends President Christina Tajyar and Trends Vice President Ginger Burton.

“It will be a red carpet event, will garner VIP seating and expected to arrive are some of the fashion industry’s most prominent names,” said Maver Carranza, fashion production team member. “It’s a family friendly event that will push the viewer into a world of art, fashion and music enveloped into one fabulous night.”

Pettigraw said many professionals will be present at the show. This includes Marc Perez, president of HR at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills. Lisa Culha, assistant operations manager at Louie Vuitton and Nicole Garippo from Robert Rodriguez.

The show is funded mostly by Trends through all the fundraising done throughout the academic year along with many donations from families and companies such as Body Glove, said Pettigraw. Trends Fashion Club is a club for students interested in fashion.

“We help get students internships and potential jobs in the industry along with helping other organizations that are involved with fashion. We also educate people on the fashion program we have at CSUN,” she said.

Those interested in joining Trends Fashion Club can do so in a couple of ways.

“To join Trends is pretty simple. We have a Facebook page, just search CSUN Trends. Anyone interested can contact the current president of Trends. Also they can either join and be a paying member or just receive e-mails and updates,” Pettigraw said.

Tania Stein, 18, an undeclared freshman, said she and her best friend plan on attending the fashion show.

“I think it’s so cool that students have the chance to do this and have their work shown, especially amongst the respected people in the industry,” Stein said. “It’s like watching Project Runway but in person.  I’m sure all the designers are super talented and will show off some good stuff.”

Stein’s best friend Brittany McAfee,19, freshman and apparel design major said she cannot wait until it’s her time to show off her work.

“I don’t have much going on yet because I’m still learning,” McAfee said. “I’ve always loved designing clothes but I’m open to learning and trying new things. Watching the fashion show can give me a sense of where I’ll be in a few years, once I take the required classes of course,” she added.

Pettigraw said the “Style Is Eternal” fashion show benefits both students who are involved with the show as well as students who attend the show.

“It benefits the students whose work is presented because there are so many professionals from the industry there, who can offer them a job. It is also a way to help the designers realize that they can do this and become a well known name in the fashion industry,” Pettigraw said.

 “It benefits those who attend by seeing these amazing garments and understanding where all the hard work from each designer goes. For the younger audience it helps them by realizing that they can do this too when decide what they want to study in college,” Pettigraw added.

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