Photo Slideshow: “Colaboratoria”

Christianna Triolo

            The curtain on the Plaza del Sol performance hall stage rose Tuesday night to present months of hard work and dedication by graduate students and faculty from the Department of Kinesiology.  “Colaboratoria: Graduate Student and Faculty Dance Concert” is a showcase of new dances from students and professors of  the departments choreography and dance performance analysis classes.  Not only are these dances a representation of the extraordinary ways in which the human body can move, but also how they enrich the dancer and audiences’ soul.


“Colaboratoria” is a group effort between dancers, choreographers, music and the audience.  The exhibition provided students with the chance to create a piece of art from start to finish and experience the essential control of a performing artist while on stage.  The concert, as part of a graduate course, explored the physiological and psychological effects on the dancers.  Those effects were measured through special shirts the dancers wore called LifeShirts, that have special sensors embedded in the fabric.  At the end of the performance all the data on the human body will be collected and analyzed.

            “Colaboratoria” is a beautiful collection of dances that incorporate classical ballet techniques and modern dance moves into a stunning evening of performance art that was enjoyed by dancers and non-dancers alike.