Alehouse offers unique dining experience for all


Photo credit: Terese Torgersen/ Contributing Reporter

Ladyface Alehouse, located in Agoura Hills, gives its customers the feeling of stepping into a medieval pub.

The restaurant, approximately 30 minutes from CSUN, features old-fashioned photos that decorate the dark walls, and welcomes people of all ages.

Groups filled the crowded restaurant on the Saturday night I went, and the  patrons were mostly adult.

My guest and I were greeted by a pleasant hostess, and waited approximately 10 minutes to be seated.

The level of noise and amount of people created a very warm, comfortable and friendly atmosphere. It’s a perfect place to hang out and grab a drink with friends, as well as enjoy good food that is out of the ordinary.

Ladyface serves food prepared to compliment their beer. The menu recommends a specific beer to each dish. They offer French-Belgian food as well as classic American food.

Main courses consist of different types of fish. Soups are also available as well as sandwiches, locally made pasta, wood-grilled flat bread and salads. The menu changes with the seasons.

They use locally grown products and 100 percent natural ingredients. In addition, the meat does not contain hormones or antibiotics. Different kinds of desserts can be found on the menu, such as pudding, Belgian waffles and crème brulèe.

The service was great. The waiters and waitresses were smiling, friendly and very attentive. They provided us refills and often asked if we had everything we needed.

My guest and I chose to split two main dishes. The first dish was a sausage plate with three different mustards and pretzel bread.

Each sausage had distinctive flavors, and were well seasoned. The three mustard types ranged from spicy to sweet.

In addition, we received a salad with our meal, which was too sour for my taste – but to each his own.

Our other main course was the “grilled free-range chicken.” The dish consisted of beer & rosemary brined, fruitwood-grilled, free-range Jidori chicken, served over grilled polenta.

The chicken was good, but I did not care for the sauce that came with it. My guest enjoyed it, but I felt the sauce destroyed the chicken to an extent. My dish also came with hash browns, which I did not care for.

We shared a crème brulèe for dessert. I enjoyed the popular dessert with its hard glazed surface and a soft creamy bottom.

Prices at Ladyface range from $4 to $17. Our entire meal cost us approximately $40.

While there is plenty of parking, we had trouble finding the restaurant, as it’s partially hidden behind other buildings.

Ladyface also sells other products such as soap, wine glasses and t-shirts with the “Ladyface logo” on them.

They also offer discounts on game days, encouraging people to come watch sporting events in their restaurant.