The brutally honest truth about living single

Daily Sundial

Being single has its yays and nays. Single life is wonderful when your plate is full of potential lovers, who are interested in some one-on-one time; however, when your plate is empty, single life can be oh so lonely.

The possibility of rejection is sky-high, and the likelihood of getting lucky is dismal. Singles can be perceived as risk takers, desperate, and people who are prone to humiliation. All of these characteristics, unfortunately, are what attract us to the opposite sex, and allow us to plunge into the eventual relationship. When a single person finally decides to settle down and commit to one person, all the single people who weren’t interested in you when you were single, suddenly become interested in your committal status. Single people are naturally attracted to individuals who are unattainable.

Now, if you are like me going into your third year of single life, you are quite familiar with the pros and cons of being single. If you recently entered the tumultuous world of singles, here is some information you will need to battle probable rejection and depression, and if you’re lucky, you’ll have some good times.

Flirt Away, Singles…

Oh, the life of a single person is absolutely fantastic when you can flirt with anyone without having to worry about hurt feelings. It’s fun, safe and thrilling. Flirting is the key ingredient singles use to weed out the good and bad of potential lovers. It is also playful, but if used unwisely it becomes creepy. So be discreet, glance at your love interest, smile and walk away with confidence.

Duh, no commitment.

This phrase should be self-explanatory; however, if you recently entered the single world, ‘no commitment’ might be an obscure phrase to you. The absence of a needy lover means not having to return phone calls numerous times a day. If you are single and not committed, you can be selfish and spend all of your money on one person, you. It means not having to stick around with someone you are bored with; however, you’ll likely become bored with yourself. No commitment means living your life wildly and uninhibited.

But let’s get real. The single life is sadly riddled with cons.

Hitching a ride on the lonely train.

Weep, weep, sob, sob, single life is brutal when holidays come around. During holiday seasons, a single person will go through an array of emotions and appear somewhat like a manic-depressive. Unfortunately, there is no cure for the holiday blues. Being single minus any deeply intense and passionate relationship means missing a warm body in your arms. When you are in a relationship, you can cuddle until both of you fall asleep. When you are single, however, your limited to spooning with a body pillow. It’s sad.

Rolling around like a third wheel.

Single life becomes more agonizing when most of your friends are in relationships. Going out on the town with them feels like you’re a rolling stone and you do not fit in. This con might be the worst of them all. When a single person is invited to hang out with a bunch of couples, he or she might think, “Hey, it will be cool. I’ll just meet someone wherever we go.” Chances are he or she will hang out at the bar looking lonely and desperate. If that case should arise, just say you’re sick, and have a soiree at home. Try to maintain some of your dignity that may have been lost while sitting alone at the bar.

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