Sundial Update

Daily Sundial

LGBTA group plans Coming Out Week events on campus

In honor of Tuesday’s National Coming Out Day, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Alliance and the Woman’s Resource and Research Center will plan a week of events on campus. The first event will take place in front of the Oviatt Library on Magnolia Walk all week. Chalk outlines and yellow police tape that represent gays and lesbians who were victims of hate crimes will be drawn and strewn across the area. There will also be a film showing at 7 p.m. tonight in Jerome Richfield Hall 315 with a discussion to follow. The LGBTA is also working toward having students across campus wear upside-down pink triangles to represent the oppression the gay and lesbian community still faces today, according to Thomas Gudino, LGBTA member. The triangles will be similar to ones used in Holocaust-era concentration camps to identify homosexuals.

–– Mary-Alexandra Andrusco

Several director positions still open in Associated Students

Several director positions in Associated Students are still vacant. The current list of open director positions includes Student Productions And Campus Entertainment director of comedy; SPACE director of films and variety; director of cultural studies; director of disabled students; director of Greek relations; and director of night students. “We’re looking for somebody that wants to get involved and make student life at CSUN that fun, wonderful campus experience that they always thought college was going to be,” said Leanne Vincent, activities coordinator for A.S. A small stipend is provided for some directors, Vincent said, adding that the positions are more about the experience.

–– M.A.A.

Envision 2035 Master Plan, EIR report to be ready soon

The Envision 2035 Master Plan and its Environmental Impact Report are expected to be ready for presentation to the CSU Board of Trustees in mid-March, according to Colin Donahue, director of Facilities Planning, Design and Construction at CSUN. The EIR, which is currently being drafted, should be available for a 45-day public review bythe end of October, Donahue said. William Jennings, chair of the Envision 2035 Master Plan committee and one of the primary overseers of the Master Plan, said there have not been “significant changes” made to the Envision 2035 Master Plan since the last public meeting in May.

–– M.A.A.

CSUN in early planning phase

for 10-year reaccreditation

CSUN is in its the preparatory stages for the accreditation process, estimated to be completed in 2010. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges was last accredited CSUN in 2000, giving it the maximum 10-year period until its next review. According to Cynthia Rawitch, associate vice president of Undergraduate Studies, a committee will be formed at the end of Spring 2006 for the following fall to begin a written self-study. The process of writing and compiling the information needed in the self-study will take place over the next two to three years, Rawitch said. The accreditation process will conclude with a visit from a WASC evaluation team in 2010.

–– M.A.A.