Poetry Corner: Reflections on love, frustration



By Lauren Robeson

If relationships can have

Their own excruciating point of limbo

Then I’ve inevitably reached it

And for once with no clue how to resolve

This procrastination.

Four months gone by

With still no progress

Or understanding,


we could both benefit from.

No comparisons can even be attempted,

It was probably over before it even began,

But I’m still stuck with this procrastination.

Now I’ve entered the daily practice

Of extracting the blame from myself,

Stupid excuses that will likely convince you

But will never satisfy me.

But of course in the end I fool myself each day,

Self-preservation is my ally here.

In my mind, the cowardly reasons

For taking so long are described in very different ways;

Compassion, timing – do I care more

About you in my mind than my heart?

This procrastination has never been so frustrating, so alarmingly personal.

Young and fancy-free

By Veronica Rocha

What a vision, in all white

It would be a delight to lay with her through the night.

Hold her tight,

Whisper sweet nothings,

Make love to her,

You will fall in love with her.

Too bad for you,

She is just not that into you,

Craving simple moments of passion

drives her

ambition, wit turns her on

and commitment makes her laugh?cry

and run.


By Samuel Richard

Would I find it in a city?

Would I find your love deep in a jungle?

Would I find your love deep, hidden in any of the world’s seas?

Will I find it in the deserts, where hard times fatigue me and take my life?

Would I find your love when I am surrounded in darkness, with all the lights out?

Will I sense your love if I’m blind?

Will I hear your love over volumes of crowds in the world rushing to stop it?

Hard to determine

Listen. That’s all.

By Chris Daines

I would write you poetry

I would hold you close

if you would but…

I would sing you songs

I would hold you close

if you would but…

I would paint your portrait

true and pure

without style

if you would but…

I would hold you forever


if you would but…

I would sit here

staring wondering

asking if you would

but we’re never any closer

to just that


it’s me

and an idea

a small idea.

a small idea.

i assure myself.

a small small idea.

if you would but

listen. That’s all